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lg electric range troubleshooting

Is your LG electric range refusing to bake or cook perfectly? Stove, cooktop, controls, and oven problems might be caused for your range not running properly. Check out our LG electric range troubleshooting guide so you can get back to fixing your LG range/ stove. This guide will help you to fix the LG stove, range or oven.

LG Electric Range Troubleshooting

LG electric range problems include issues with the cooktop, controls, and oven. So, you may face problems with these sections of the electric range. Sometimes, the electric range is also called a stove.

Oven Light Goes Out

Each model of the range has a light that light up the space in the unit. If that light is working, you can see everything going on inside whatever you are cooking/ baking. Over time, the bulb will stop working just like a light in our home.

Without that light, you can cook with your oven, but it will be frustrating. So, you have to fix the problem of your oven light. If the light stops working, the problem is with either of the following:

  • Light bulb itself.
  • Socket that holds the oven bulb.
  • Assembly that houses the bulb and socket.

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Oven Light Bulb

Initially, you need to check whether the bulb is burned out or not. You can test the bulb with a multi-meter to see if the bulb has a power supply.

If you notice that the problem is with the bulb, simply buy a new bulb and replace with it.

Light Socket

Sometimes, there might not be a problem with the oven light bulb itself. Then, you need to verify the socket where it is plugged in. Use a multi-meter to test whether the socket is receiving power or not.

If you get the result as it is not working, you will have to replace the socket.

Light Assembly

If there is nothing wrong with the socket and the light bulb is in fine condition, there could be an issue with the whole assembly. So, this is the time to verify the whole assembly that houses the bulb as well as the socket. You need to replace the assembly if necessary. But. it is a little bit extra cost compare to socket and bulb.

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Control Panel Not Working

Sometimes, nothing happens when you press the button. Then, consider that the problem might be with the control board itself and the printed circuit board.

Control Panel

Generally, when you didn't use it correctly or it's been through some rough use, you may get problems with the control panel. If this is the case you will need to replace the entire control panel. It's not possible to replace the individual buttons on the control panel.

  • You have to remember that the control panel is just a component where you keep in your instructions on the LG range.
  • The Control panel on the range needs to connect to a printed circuit board (PCB).

Printed Circuit Board

  • LG electric range relies on PCBs. In electrical appliances, a printed circuit board tells what to do based on the instructions provided by using the control panel.
  • Overtime, contacts on PCB might get dusty or suffer from water seepage that results in the control panel on range becomes not working. So, check and clean the PCB to remove dust if required. You can use a contact cleaner to ensure that the connectors work perfectly.
  • In some severe cases, the total board could be burnt out. If this occurs, you need to go through the total printed circuit board replacement.

However, it is safe to get a professional to repair especially electrical parts like PCBs or control panels.

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Stove Heating Elements Not Working

If your stove heating elements not working, then it will interrupt the cooking tasks that you have planned. Here, you can check out the possible causes and solutions for this problem.

  • Surface element board.
  • Wiring
  • Heating element.

Surface Element Board

  • To generate heat, your range's stove heating elements depend on electricity.
  • The surface element regulates the flow of power and how much heat is generated based on your electric range settings.
  • If the surface element component is faulty, one or two heating elements stops working as they should.
  • When multiple burners failed at the same time, it indicates that there is a problem with the surface element board.

However, it’s safer to get a professional to repair the surface element board.

Heating Element

  • Only a single heating element will not work when there is an issue with the heating element.
  • If the single heating element is not working, you should confirm that it is plugged incorrectly. After that, power supply to the element by using a multimeter.
  • If the power is flowing properly as it should, then consider that the problem is with the heating element itself. It may need replacement.


Some wires those are carrying power might be burned out. Moreover, they loosen. If so, you need to tighten them.

If the wires are perfect, but if they can't effectively conduct the power to the heating element of your range, then, you don't expect the heat from it. When wires are burnt, they can be replaced.


For further assistance on LG electric range problems and fixes, check your manual which you have  received at the time of buying appliance. If you need any LG range replacement parts, you can buy them from here. Search with the model number to find the needed parts.

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