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lg refrigerator troubleshooting

LG is the best choice for you if you want a refrigerator. However, there will come a time when something goes wrong and you notice that the unit is not running properly. Before getting something is broken, you can troubleshoot LG fridge issues and possibly fix some of the causes yourself. So, look at some LG fridge problems and troubleshooting tips here.

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LG Refrigerator Problems and Solutions

When you experience common problems with LG refrigerators, try these steps to fix them.

LG Refrigerator Cooling Problem

Faulty compressor

If you have a LG fridge cooling problem, then you need to check the compressor. So, determine the LG fridge compressor issues. Remove the back panel of the unit and hear the compressor running sound. If the compressor is running, but the fridge and freezer compartment not cooling, then there is a faulty compressor.

Dirty condensing coils

Condensing coils play a major role in the refrigerator's cooling system. The condenser is where the refrigerant is contained and the coolant is circulated inside the coils. The air inside the unit flows throughout the condensing coils and remove the heat.

So, if the temperature in the fridge is not maintaining that you have selected, it's might be with the defectiveness of the condenser unit or because of dirty coils.

Unplug the fridge from the power source and disconnect the waterline. The condenser unit is placed at the bottom of your refrigerator and access from the backside. Examine the condenser unit and turn it that the coils are in fact dirty. If they are dirty, simply clean the coils with a stiff brush or compressed air. Make sure everything is dried before testing if you use water.

Condenser fan motor not working

The condenser fan moves the air across the condenser coils which cools the air. If you notice that airflow is decreased or not existed, there might be blades obstructed or the fan motor is defective. Ensure the power is off before start work. Now, check if the fan is moving freely without any debris. If everything is fine, you should test the fan motor continuity using a multimeter.

If the problem with motor windings, you need to contact a professional for motor replacement. After installation of a new motor, start the cooling process.

Evaporator fan motor not working

In your fridge, the evaporator fan circulates the air across the cooling coils and into the freezer and whole unit. If the air is not getting properly, always check the fan that it spins freely and does not build up debris. Also, verify the motor and internal windings with a multimeter for continuity. If there is a problem with that windings or motor, replace whatever needs.

Defective start relay

This relay works in conjunction with the compressor of your fridge. When it not working correctly. It also caused the compressor not to work properly. To determine the problem with the start relay, access it from the bottom part of the unit by opening the back panel. So, test the continuity of the relay by using a multimeter and replace it if need.

LG Fridge Ice Maker Problems

Is your LG refrigerator ice maker not working? Check the possible causes and solutions.

Water inlet valve

The water inlet valve supplies water to the dispenser unit. For normal functioning, it should have a flow of at least 20 psi. If it goes below 20 psi, your refrigerator will produce water but it won't supply ice. So, you have to check the current flow and power levels with a multimeter. If notice it has at 20 psi, you need to increase the flow. Even after gaining the right volume of water, it's not producing ice, you should replace the inlet valve.

Water filter

A water filter is not only producing great tasting water but also free from impurities. Also, it is required to maintain a suitable flow of water. If the filter is failed, you can notice a change in the water as well as ice before the failure of an ice maker. Your water filter lifespan depends on the frequency of usage, which model you are using, and the natural hardness of the water supply. So, you have to change it twice per year.

Ice maker's power switch

There are multiple components in the unit that are used for different parts and functions. So, the ice maker uses a self-contained unit and it will switch off even the fridge is ON. However, first, you should check that the power switch is switched ON.  Sometimes, the ice maker can stop working when the power switch is flicked on. You have to reset the ice maker manually or automatically by following the instructions provided in the manual.

Internal temperature

Do you know what is the best temperature for LG Fridge Freezer? To function correctly, make sure your refrigerator need to reach -4°F (-20°C). If you installed the fridge newly, it will take up to 24 hours to reach the normal temperature. When the freezer section temperature is set higher than 19°F, it may be lost its function. So, check and adjust the temperature to normal.

Ice level control board

Some LG fridge models detect how much ice is in the ice bucket at any given time courtesy of an infrared beam. When the beam stops operating due to lack of power or any mechanical fault, the onboard technology of your unit can't switch to ice making mode. If your fridge is plugged in and getting the correct level of water without making ice, the problem might be with this control board. To prevent this problem, you need to replace the entire ice maker.

Refrigerator door

Your unit works only when the door is shut. If the door is opened, the water and ice dispenser shuts off automatically until it closed properly. If the door shuts off correctly, check the latch. Test the continuity with a multimeter. If you find out a defect, replace the door switch or sealant.

Still your LG refrigerator ice maker not working, check error codes in the manual and fix them.

LG Refrigerator Noise Problems

If you reported LG fridge noise problems, check the condenser/ evaporator fan motor or fan blade. You can locate the evaporator fan blade in the freezer behind the back panel. You can try rotating it manually. If it doesn't move freely, check if there are any obstructions in the blade. Moreover, the damaged evaporator motor generates a lot of noise. You need to replace that motor.

After that, you have to check the condenser motor and fan blade for anything blocked. By removing the rear access panel at the back of the unit, you have to inspect the condenser motor or fan blade.

Fridge Leaking Water

The possible causes for this LG fridge issue include:

Freeze of the defrost drain

If this happened, water will flow over the drain, thus dipping to the compartment end. Then, the water can leak onto the floor. At this time, you need to examine the drain if it's frozen or clogged. When the drain is frozen, try melting the ice. Also, clear the debris if any in the drain with hot water.

Tank assembly

There might be leaks in the tank connections. If you notice leaks in the tank, a replacement will require.

In addition, you have to check the water inlet valve and housing cracks. If you find any, be sure to replace them.

How Do You Reset a LG?

Changing the water filters in your refrigerator keeps the ice cubs fresh and the ice maker in good working order. Water filter change may create problems with the unit. So, you need to reset the LG refrigerator.

Is there a reset button on LG refrigerator? Yes, you have the reset button. filter status light can reset if you press the reset button on the display and hold it until the light turns off. This will reset the whole appliance.

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Hope you fix your LG compressor issues, LG refrigerator cooling issues, LG refrigerator water dispenser problems and more, with the help of this guide. You can get more LG fridge troubleshooting tips in your company manual. Want to buy LG refrigerator parts? Pick PartsIPS to purchase your required OEM appliance parts.

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