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ge refrigerator troubleshooting

GE refrigerators have a solid reputation for their quality and reliability. If you are using this appliance, you can enjoy a long period of usable life. However, sometimes, things can go wrong with any fridge regardless of the brand. If your General Electric fridge is currently facing any issues, it's crucial to find out a quick solution. By providing GE refrigerator troubleshooting guide, PartsIPS will help you diagnose and fix common problems easily.

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General Electric Refrigerator Troubleshooting Instructions

Check out the basic GE fridge problems and solutions.

GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Enough

There are several reasons for GE refrigerator problems not cooling. So, you can try the following tips to fix the issue.

If your refrigerator is full, it will not cool enough. In this situation, when you open the door, the cool air inside your unit is replaced with the hot air from your room so that it loses temperature slowly.

Check the refrigerator door seal. Try to put a piece of paper against the seal and then close the door. Next, pull the seal out. If you feel there is no resistance, you have to replace the door. Note that the fridge door should not be damaged and there are no tears or cracks on it.

Make sure the light is in OFF condition when you close the fridge door. If the light is ON, there might be a chance of slowly heating up the appliance.

See that there should be a one-inch gap between your appliance and the wall for proper air circulation.

Clean the refrigerator condenser coils at least 2 times a year.

A faulty thermostat is also a cause to this problem. So, check the temperature unit with a multi-meter. Moreover, check the whole unit for signs of overheating and physical damages.

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General Electric Fridge Defrost Problem

First, unplug your fridge. After that remove the main control board cover plate which is located at the back of the fridge.

Over the control board, remove the blue plug that is connected to the three big pins which is placed at the bottom. It may be difficult to get off so use a pair of needle-nose pliers to unplug. Also, you have to unplug the white plug on the right side of it.

To make the test properly, the freezer should be cold. Now, test the continuity with the ohm or voltmeter place the red lead in the center plug of the blue connector, and put black lead on the farthest left pin of the white plug it will be the pin with the orange wire and that circuit must have continuity. If the circuit is open, then consider the defrost heater or the bi-metal thermostat is bad. If there is continuity, those two components are good.

Now, check the evaporator thermistor. Test with the volt/ ohm meter.

Finally, test the defrost bi-metal. If the defrost bi-metal thermostat and defrost heater are good, then you may have a problem with the defrost circuit in the main control board.

Refrigerator Not Running

If your General Electric refrigerator does not turn on, then they're a problem with the power cord. To determine a short in the cord, plug another device into your power outlet, and plug the fridge into the other outlet. If it's not because of an electrical issue, verify the settings of your appliance whether it is in a defrost cycle or other stagnant position. When it has reached the set temperature, sometimes fridges seem as not working. So, you no need to kick back on until the temperature begins to rise. Generally, these GE fridges typically operate through a cycle like this for every half an hour.

Problems with GE Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispensers

Make sure the supply and drain tubes are properly connected. It's extremely problematic if these tube hoses are not connected properly. When they are not connected correctly, caused flooding if the water is supplied to the fridge continuously. If all drain and supply tube connections are correct, verify the water is turned on at the supply pipe.

Now, check for GE bottom freezer refrigerator problems. First, examine that the appliance freezer compartment is cold. The freezer might not be cold enough when it is undergoing a defrost cycle.

If you have a problem with an ice maker and fix the problem, then know troubleshooting GE ice maker in GE refrigerators here. Check if there is a backup due to stuck ice cubes. So, you need to open the ice maker compartment and shake out any ice cubes that have become lodged.

Reset Button on GE Refrigerator

When your GE refrigerator doesn't respond to the temperature knob, you can rest the unit. Resetting the appliance leads your unit clear and get it back up and operating. So, check this process instead of calling the repair person.

  • Pull your fridge out from the wall. Find the electrical cord and unplug the unit and let it for a minute and then plugin again.
  • Next, open the freezer and find the small shutoff switch on the ice maker. Turn it OFF and then after 30 seconds back to ON.
  • You have to push this shutoff arm at the top of the ice maker up and down three times to reset it.

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Final Words:-

Our GE refrigerator troubleshooting blog was updated to assist the problem and fix it for an extended period of life. Have you encountered a problem which you can't fix yourself? Give a call to a technician. Or, find out to replace any spare parts. If need, buy GE refrigerator parts at PartsIPS. Original and high-quality parts will be supplied.

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