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maytag refrigerator troubleshooting

Are you looking for help to fix Maytag refrigerator problems? Look no further. Maytag refrigerators are a great choice. But sometimes they will run into certain problems because of various causes like faults in engineering, maintenance, etc. Our Maytag fridge troubleshooting guide will explain common issues and solutions for Maytag fridge freezer problems to operate as good as new again for long period.

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Maytag Fridge Troubleshooting Guide

Below you can find the solutions for Maytag refrigerator ice maker problems french door, Maytag refrigerator control board problem, ice maker, water dispenser problems, etc.

Maytag refrigerator troubleshooting not cooling.

Below are the reasons why is your Maytag refrigerator not cooling.

Check condenser coils that are placed on the underside of the refrigerator. Condenser coils pass refrigerant to get rid of excess operational heat in the fridge. If these coils have dust or dirt, then they are unable to get rid of the heat. So, the first thing, you have to do is check whether the coils are dirty or not. If they are, then clean them.

Inspect the condenser fan motor. This fan takes air through the condenser coils and moves it over the compressor of the fridge. So, you have to check for any kind of blockages or if something preventing the blades from proper spinning. However, it's better to clean it and turn it with your hand, if it is not running. If the unit doesn't operate by itself after removing dust or debris that might have blocked it.

Check the evaporator motor. This fan also works similarly to condenser coils. But, here, the fan pulls the air through the cooling coils and push it across the fridge as well as freezer compartments to keep the air in the freezer should be cold. Usually, this fan is located in one of the freezer compartments.

When your unit is not getting cold, a busted evaporator fan motor might be the cause. Try to turn the blades and if you see that the motor is working but the fan is not operating, you can test the motor windings with a multimeter. If needed, replace it. You can buy a Maytag evaporator fan motor at PartsIPS.

Water dispenser is not working.

Check the water line is frozen over. You can find the water tube in the fridge or freezer door. Try with disconnecting the supply tube and blow air into the tube. If the air doesn't move through, then you have to consider that the water tube is frozen over. If it happens, simply let it down for a few minutes to allow the ice build-up to melt away.

For most Maytag appliances, the company recommends the temperature of the freezer between zero and ten degrees Fahrenheit. If you follow this setting, you can prevent this problem in the future.

This repair has nothing to do with the system itself but rather with the water pressure being pumped into the appliance. So, check if the water pressure in your home is 20 PSI or above.

Verify the water inlet valve. One of the reasons for the water dispenser is not working is the busted water inlet valve. This water inlet valve supplies the water that your dispenser would pour. If you found that the pressure of the water is at least 20 PSI, then check the continuity of the inlet valve by using a multimeter. Replace the inlet valve when the problem is not solved.

Maytag refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker.

Your freezer could run at a temperature that's too high for it to properly produce ice cubes. Check if the temperature of your freezer is set to be between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit. Just like in the case of a Maytag refrigerator not staying cool, whether it's operating at a proper temperature, take a look at the condenser coils and the above-mentioned fan motor problems.

You have to check another part of the ice machine module that is a nifty motor that is responsible for working with the ejector's arms. If the module doesn't operate properly, it won't cycle for another batch to be made by dispensing freshly made ice and refilling water. Make sure that the door alarm is off the switch is in the ON position and the bail arm is facing down. Moreover, there should be no ice that traps the firearms in place or causes them to be trapped.

If any of the solutions are worked, then you need to change the whole unit. However, before replacing check the waterline, inlet valve, and fan motors are working fine.

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The food is getting frozen.

For this, first, you need to check the temperature control thermostat. The thermostat controls voltage which is going to the compressor in the fridge and fan motor bits. If it is failed, it causes the unit to stay in the cooling cycle much time than needed so that your groceries and food will be freeze.

To know the thermostat is broken or failed, just swap the setting from highest to lowest. Keep it in a few seconds in each setting. If you hear a clicking sound, it is working fine. If there is no clicking sound, test it with a multimeter for continuity between various settings.

Next check the thermistor that is responsible to let the control board know is what temperature the appliance is working. If it is defective and no resistance changes observed with cycles, you have to replace the thermistor.

Finally, go through the main control board. This is a very rare issue that we will found. If you have tested all possible causes, a circuit board may have the problem.

Fridge making loud noises.

To resolve this issue, check the fan blades. Inspect the condenser and evaporator fan motor fan blades are blocked by anything and moving freely.

Check the compressor which is located in the back of the appliance and behind the panel. If the compressor is making noise on the flip side, means that it is starting to fail and break down. Moreover, you have to remember that most compressors will still last for years after they start making noise. With the help of a professional, replace the Maytag compressor.

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Final Words:-

We hope our Maytag refrigerator repair manual assist you to fix the problems of refrigerators that have been working successfully for an extended period. Also, find which Maytag refrigerator parts need to replace. Buy required Maytag parts at PartsIPS.

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