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Frigidaire- Subsidiary of European parent company Electrolux- US consumer and commercial home appliances brand. Frigidaire first developed self-contained refrigerator in 1916. This is well-known in refrigeration field. Frigerator originated from English word fridge.

General Motors owned Frigidairefrom 1919- 1979. This is competitive in automatic clothes-washing-machine business with an automatic washer with the unique mechanism in the late 1930s. During this age, it was first a subsidiary of Delco-Light and later an independent division based in Dayton, Ohio. This also manufactured compressors for GM's cars. Later, in 1979 White Sewing Machine Company purchased Frigidaire and in 1986 purchased by Electrolux, now its current parent company. Frigidaireproduces several varieties of freezers, refrigerators for the market. At one side by manufacturing room air conditioners, it also provided factory air conditioning systems for General Motors automobiles. In between the stage of 1950-1960, this generated a brand for GM cars.

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