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Speed Queen

Speed Queen is a well-known brand that manufactures commercial and residential laundry equipment, specifically washing machines and dryers. They are recognized for producing durable and high-quality laundry appliances.

Speed queen has a long history, dating back to 1908, when it was founded as the Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing company. Speed Queen is popular in laundromats, hotels, hospitals, and other businesses that require frequent and heavy-duty laundry solutions. Their machines are known for their solid construction, long lifespan, and efficient performance.

Speed Queen produces a variety of commercial-grade Speed Queen washing machines, Residential Washing Machines, Commercial Dryers, Residential Dryers, Washer-Dryer Combos, Stackable Washer-Dryer Sets, and speed queen top-load washers. All the appliance parts and Speed Queen replacement parts are available in our store, Partsips. PartsIPS is your reliable Appliance Parts Supplier. Here, you can get OEM replacement parts for dishwashers, dryers, ovens, ranges, washers, refrigerators, microwaves, and other appliances.

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