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Lg Oven Troubleshooting And Error Codes

Are you having issues with your LG oven? Advanced models have been designing with a lot of features, which means there are more components that can go wrong. Whether you are a professional chef or a busy housewife, there is no time to spend more time for trying to fix your oven problems. So, we have provided a guide for LG oven troubleshooting and error codes to help you. Let's a look at a few LG oven common problems and how you can fix them.

LG Oven Troubleshooting

Before starting the troubleshooting process, you have to verify the basics. Sometimes there may be a simple error so that take a few minutes and check the basics and then go through your LG oven problems troubleshooting.

Oven Settings

Initially, you need to verify the oven settings that you set. If you set the temperature to 250 degrees accidentally instead of 350 degrees, fix it easily.

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Door Ajar

Most LG models have a little "catch" before the door closes completely. Generally, when we are in a hurry, it's not uncommon for the door to remain slightly open. If your oven door is ajar, it may make an alarm sound, and an error code will display. Also, not allow the oven to maintain the accurate temperature. You should follow this thing when your LG oven is not heating.

Error Codes

If you find any problem with your oven, see if there is an error code displayed. Usually, LG oven error codes will indicate the type of malfunction. In the owner's manual, you have solutions for these error codes. Also, you can check below.

Oven Not Heating

Are you facing LG oven not heating problem? Here are the few things you have to do.


You have to inspect whether the LG oven ignitor is working in fine condition or not. If the ignitor gets red lights for about 30 to 60 seconds, consider that the light is reflected inside your oven cavity. You have to look at the ignitor when the oven is ON as the unit doesn't heat if the ignitor is not running. If it glows for more than 1.5 minutes without igniting the gas flame, it indicates the failure of the ignitor. So, you need to replace the defective ignitor.

Bake Element

You have to remember that the baking element glows if it heats properly. When this baking element is not glowing as red, you need to check for holes or blisters to see if the element is burned. If there are no damage signs, test it with a multimeter for continuity. It needs to be replaced if it has no continuity.

Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is used in the oven to ignite the gas on the burner. If it does not have a spark, then your gas doesn't ignite. So, check the spark electrode to ensure that there are no defectives or cracks to the tip in the porcelain housing. Make sure to replace it if the electrode is damaged.

Oven Temperature Not Accurate

If you feel food is not baking evenly, check some causes below.

Ignitor draws current through the gas safety valve to open it. Overtime usage, the ignitor weakens that results in it will take more time to open the gas valve.  Consequently, the oven temperature can drop too low before the burner reignites resulting in your oven temperature might be accurate.

Check the temperature sensor as it works with the control board of the oven to regulate the temperature. If your LG oven is not maintaining the correct temperature, you can recalibrate it up to 35 degrees F. You will need to refer to the guidelines on how to calibrate your oven in the owner's manual.

Stove Burner Won't Light

Spark electrode - When the spark electrode is worn out or defective, it may be too weak to ignite the gas. If it got damaged, it will make a click sound when the burner is turned on, but the burner is won't light. If you observe this situation, it is signed as defective. So, replace the spark electrode.

Ensure that the spark wire is not loose or disconnected. It prevents the spark electrode from igniting the gas effectively. You have to replace the spark wire if it is burned or broken.

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Oven Light is Out

First, check if the present light bulb is burned out. If the bulb is not a problem, test the light socket whether it receives power with a multimeter. It does not have continuity, replace the socket. However, you need to replace the light assembly if both the light bulb and socket are working fine.

LG Oven Error Codes

F1 - Stuck button

F1 - Temperature sensor is open (For Model - LSE4613ST)

This will occur when there is a problem with a stuck button on the control panel or touchpad. Also, indicates a bad connection between the control board and touchpad. Try to disconnect the touchpad ribbon cable from the control board and clean it with an eraser. Otherwise, replace the touchpad.

F2/F4 – Temperature sensor short-circuited

This error indicates that your oven's temperature sensor is malfunctioned or short-circuited. So, you need a technician to check it properly. If it is failed, replace it with the right part.

F3 - Touch button short-circuited

A wire leading to a touch button could be short-circuited. Once check if the control buttons or wiring caused this problem. After adjusting, the errors still display, contact a repair person.

F4/ F10 - Door lock damaged

If your oven's door lock has malfunctioned, you need to replace it. When you want to replace it, you should unplug the unit. After that, remove the back panel and take the wiring picture for reference purposes while reconnecting. Next, disconnect all the wires which are connected to the door lock motor.

Now, remove the existed door lock and install a new one. Make sure that you connect the wires in the right way.

F5 - Relay issue on the control board

To fix this error, you have to restart the unit by unplugging it. Wait for 30 seconds before you turn the oven back on.

F6/ F8 - LG oven overheating or main power issue

It means that the circuit board is not getting sufficient power or it might be damaged. So, check if it receives the right amount of power. Also, inspect the double breaker that two breakers ON.  If the code again appears, it needs repair or replacement.

F7/ F9/ F11 - Oven not heating up

This error code means your LG electric oven not heating up properly. As it indicates different heating issues, it can be somewhat difficult to find out. It indicates that the temperature did not rise over 150 degrees F in five minutes when the door is closed. So, with the help of a technician, you can fix this issue.


How Do I Reset My LG Oven?

When you need to reset your LG oven, first, locate the circuit breaker. Once you found the breaker, turn it OFF. Wait for one minute before turn ON. After one minute, turn the circuit breaker back ON to reset.

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How Do I Calibrate My LG Oven?

To calibrate, you will need to adjust the thermostat of the oven in increments of 5℉ degrees until you get the required cooking temperature. You have to press the settings button repeatedly until AdJU displays to adjust the thermostat. Now, enter the amount which you want to change. Press settings continuously to toggle between + or -. And then, press the start button to accept the change amount. 

How Do I Replace The Temperature Sensor On My LG Oven?

Shut off power to the oven. Remove the mounting screws and oven racks. Now, access the wire connector and pull the temperature sensor probe forward into the unit's interior. Next, disconnect the wire harness and install a new one. Turn on the power.


This LG oven troubleshooting and error codes guide explain you common problems and error codes. Remember, if your oven has problems, always start by resetting it. Sometimes this can be enough to fix the issue. If you are confused about how to troubleshoot your LG oven problems, be sure to check your owner's manual. For any LG oven parts replacement, visit and buy what you want.

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