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lg washing  machine troubleshooting

Are you having LG front load or top load washing machine problems? Depending on the washing machine problem, you can repair it easily. Here are some LG washing machine troubleshooting suggestions that you can try to fix the common issues. Have a look at this post to get knowledge on how to repair LG top load/ front load washing machine. 

LG Front Load Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

Find out the common problems and solutions for LG front load washer problems.

Washing Machine Doesn’t Work

  • If your machine has no power or won't turn on, first you need to check if the power cord is plugged in and no damages. The damaged power cord needs to be replaced.
  • If there are no issues with the cord, check the fuse and circuit breaker panel. Reset the breaker if it is tripped.
  • See if the lid is closed properly. Push the power button to ensure that contact is made.
  • Many machines won't turn on without a water supply. Ensure the water tap is turned on.
  • Check the surge protector which is placed under the top panel. Remove the top panel's back and inspect the surge protector as well as wiring for faults.
  • If any error message or code is displayed, take the reference with the manual to fix or reset the issue.

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Filling Problems

  • If the machine fills but not starting, you have to verify if it is a hot water cycle. When it is set to a hot water cycle, your faulty heater won't cycle until it is replaced.
  • Check the pressure switch and thermistor. With a multimeter, test the continuity of the thermistor and pressure switch.
  • The drive motor and main module are two other possible issues that can prevent your LG washing machine from working. Test both of these with a multimeter and replace if necessary.
  • Examine the feed valve is fully open and kinks if the tub fills slowly or not. Make sure the hose and intake screen be cleaned. Moreover, test the intake valve with a multimeter and replace it if it is defective.
  • Ensure that the membrane is not worn out.
  • Also, check the water level switch that might be failed. Replace if necessary.

Leakage Problems

If there is a damaged drain pump or connection, it could cause a leaky machine. You can repair the faulty or broken connections but a leaky pump needs to be replaced. Additionally, you have to replace the worn tub seal and bearings as leaks damage these components often.

Check for leaks due to damaged or loose drain hoses. Inspect the hose as well as connections, replace the hose if necessary.

In addition to the before, you will need to check the door boot as it becomes worn, torn, or damaged.

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Draining Issues

To fix LG washing machine drain problem, follow the below steps.

  • Make sure the cycle is correct.
  • The drain hose and drain pump are not clogged and working properly.
  • Access the drain pump by removing the front panel and clear obstructions if any are there. Also, test the pump's continuity using a multimeter.

Makes Loud Noise

Sometimes, washers make unusual sounds such as thumps, jarring, grinding, bangs, and clattering. When the true balance function is not working, you can notice these types of sounds. Hence, check whether the load is balanced or not. Also, verify if the leveling feet working and anything placed in the drum that could make noise.

If the problem is not with the washer load, it may due to faulty drum bearings or seals. The motor is another factor that could be caused loud or unusual sounds. So, inspect the motor and repair it if needed.

Problems with Door or Lid

When the washer's door is not opened, verify that cycle has ended. If the cycle has ended but there is water in the drum, then the door won't open. So, you can try to run a drain cycle. Otherwise, replace the defective door locking assembly. It is an easy fix.

LG Washing Machine Troubleshooting Top Load

Some problems are different for top load and front load washers because of component location and orientation.

Direct Drive Problems

LG direct drive washing machines have no belt to wear or fail. The motor is directly connected to the rear or bottom of the drum and uses full power when operating. Problem with the drive can affect and chance to damage other components. Also, interfere with waveforce cleaning.

The washer won't spin or a jerky drum might because of a faulty lid switch, rotor assembly, connection magnets, basket drive, clutch, motor coupling, stator assembly, sensors, bearing failure, transmission, or drive motor problems. It's better to repair these components with an authorized technician.

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Spin Cycle Problems

There are many reasons behind your LG washing machine spin problem. Check that nothing is moving through the drum holes and interfering with rotation. If it happens, try to adjust or increase the load in the washer. Moreover, small loads can cause unbalance the machine and cause sensors to prevent spin from protecting the unit.

A damaged door, lid switch, or sensor might be another reason. Inspect the drive belt if it is a belt-driven washer. The drive belt might be broken or worn. Replace it if necessary. Verify the motor coupling for damage. Drive block or bell could be damaged. Inspect it. Moreover, you need to check for burnt-out components in the motor control board.


LG washing machines are well built and should last for many years. However, some washer parts may fail frequently than others and general wear and tear do occur. Hope this LG washing machine troubleshooting guide helped you to determine the causes and fix the problems.

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