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bosch washing machine troubleshooting

Bosch is one of the most popular brands while considering washing machines. But, any household appliance, even the best one can function improperly from time to time. If you have a guide, the Bosch washing machine troubleshooting is easy. For instance, here, we have provided the solutions to fix common Bosch washer problems and know the error fault codes.

Bosch Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error Codes

Washing Machine Not Spinning

If you have Bosch washing machine problems spin like washer stops spinning or not even enter the spin cycle, you need to check for power problems. Ensure that the machine is plugged in properly and the circuit breaker has not tripped. Once you are sure that the washing machine is receiving power and correctly connected, check for the machine's front door is closed.

These washers have a built-in safety feature that stops operation in case the door is not latched or shut properly. Moreover, there is no blockage at the door, and close it correctly. As the rinse hold button stops the cycle, you should not press it. If the rinse hold is on, you need to exit from it by pressing the "Spin" button.

If your Bosch washing machine not turning on, check the electrical socket, plug, and circuit breaker. When there is wire shorting, your Bosch washing machine won't start a cycle.

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Bosch Washer is Stuck on Spin

Your Bosch washing machine has an unbalanced load system feature. The cycle will repeat when the machine detects imbalance. In this case, you need to stop the cycle and rearrange the load manually and restart the cycle.

Washing Machine is Leaking Water

If water is leaking from the washing machine, you should disconnect it from the power supply. Check for the drainpipe is clogged or pinched. That pipe should not be clogged. See if there are any blockages or debris. If so, run a "Spin/ Drain" or "Quickwash" on your washer without load. Although, the drain hose is pushed into the drainpipe not more than six inches. If you push it more than 6 inches, it may block the unit from proper draining.

Door is Not Opening

If your washer's door is not open, check for the door and the electric lock for any possible damages. Verify the control cables between the main control board and the door latch for any loose wiring or damages. These wires will supply power to the solenoid and transmit the signal to the main control board to decide whether the latch is locked or not. Make sure these cables are not damaged. If there are any loose wires, reconnect them properly. You have to replace the damaged wires.

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Washer Makes Noise

When bearings are faulty, you can hear a loud noise from your machine. Also, the unit makes a rattle noise during a cycle when there is something stuck in the drum. The filter might be obstructed or the drainpipe is blocked. So, check for the drainpipe blockages. The machine drum bearing can wear and need to reseal it. Then, you can experience some problems with the motor coupling and drive pulley.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

Bosch washing machine error symbols indicate the problems with your unit and sometimes they can alerts you to small issues like the fact you have not latched the machine door properly. Some of the most common Bosch washer error codes to be aware of include the following:

E16/ F16

This error code display indicates the problem with closing or opening the door lock. The possible issues are the door has not closed properly, the child lock could be activated, laundry may catch in it or the washer might be overloaded. If none of these seem to be the issue, there may be a fault with the lock. To fix this error, call a qualified technician.

E17/ F17

You can notice this error code when your washing machine is not filling with water even though the cycle has started. So, you need to check that the taps are turned on and there is no kink in the inlet hose. If everything working fine but it still does not fill, there might be low water pressure or a problem with the inlet valve.

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E18/ F18

It means that there are issues with the drain pump. If the washing machine is not draining properly or not at all, you can find this error code on your unit. Check the filter for blockages. If it is clear and still error code persists, you will need to take the expert help.

E19/ F19, E20/ F20

These error codes intimate you that the problems related to the heating system which involve heating element, heating circuits, thermostat, etc.

E21/ F21

Your machine getting problems with its motor and stops running. As there are many reasons why the motor has damaged, contact a professional. Also, refer to the owner's manual to fix the error.

However, here we have updated the error codes for the most common models of Bosch washers. In some models, LED lights will indicate a particular fault. Error codes differ according to the model you have so check the manufacturer's manual for your specific model.


Above is the information that will assist you to identify the Bosch washing machine problems and give an idea on how to fix that issue. If still, your machine not running properly, contact an authorized technician. Also, check the Bosch washing machine repair manual to get specific instructions while troubleshooting.

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