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amana washing machine troubleshooting

When your major appliance like washing machine failed to operate correctly, it can become inconvenient to you. So, here we have given some Amana washing machine troubleshooting tips. Know and try these tips before you call the technician that can save both money and time. Why late, let's start a look at this troubleshooting guide so that helps to resolve the most common Amana washing machine problems.

Amana Washer Troubleshooting Guide

Here are some basic guidelines to do Amana front load washer troubleshooting or Amana top load washer troubleshooting.

  • First, you should disconnect power from your machine. Turn off the water supply as well.
  • Place a bucket under the water hose and disconnect the hoses.
  • Now, you need to check for clogging at the water inlet valves or ports. If they are clogged, clean by using a toothbrush and remove the buildup of sediment.
  • Next, remove the washer's top cover. Put a knife between the front and top of your machine and press in to release the locking tab. After that, lift up on the top until the opposite retaining tab is released. Make sure lift the top until it is placed on the hinge stops.
  • Remove the back panel screws which are used to connect the water inlet valve and appliance. Go to the water cabinet inside and pull out the water inlet valve.
  • Open the connectors from the terminal and test the valve by placing ohm-meter problems on each terminal. Then, it should read some resistance, otherwise, you have to replace it.
  • Now, inspect the pressure switch placed inside the control console. Remove the wire connectors and air hose from the switch to test it. Connect any two of three terminals to the ohm-meter and notice the infinity reading. If it is not getting, replace the Amana washer pressure switch.

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Amana Washing Machine Won’t Start

You load your machine, select the cycle, and tap on start, but your washing machine doesn't start. Then, what could be going wrong? Check here. Press and hold the start button for three seconds. If it does not work, you will need to do some more things.

Issue with the power supply

  • The power cord should be plugged into a grounded three-prong outlet.
  • Make sure you avoid an extension cord to connect.
  • Check the circuit breaker, fuses, and ground fault circuit interrupter. If fuses are blown working condition, repair or replace if necessary.

Control is locked

If your washing machine has an electronic touchpad, press the next button (not the lights) to operate. If the control lock light is ON, then hold the lock button for 3 seconds to unlock the control.

Control has not been set correctly

Check whether you selected one of the cycles or not.  The selector knob should be lined up with a cycle selection before you press the start button. If both cycle and selector knob is not lined up completely, then it doesn't start.

Unlocked door

When your door is not locked, you can get this machine not starting problem. Sometimes, the door looks closed, but could not be locked. So, you have to try to open and close the machine door firmly.

Delay start

You should check if the delay starts setting is activated. If it is activated, your washer will start accordingly.

Note that, connect your Amana washing machine to the water supply directly for optimal performance. If you are using an anti-flood device, take the manufacturer's service.

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Amana Washer Troubleshooting Not Spinning

If your appliance is not spinning after loading, check the following:

Detergent problem

If you are using high efficiency (HE) detergent in the HE suitable machine, it may create excess suds and very wet that caused for reducing the spin speed.

Unbalanced or overloaded

Check if your washer is unbalanced or tightly packed. A large load will slow down the spinning process. Hence, you should balance the load by distributing all things evenly around the wash basket.

Refer to the cycling guide to know about recommendations for each cycle. It's better to avoid a single bulky item by itself. Balance the single load by adding extra items.

Problem with drain hose

If your Amana washer having trouble with spin and water is standing in the tub, you need to inspect for proper drain hose installation, specifically when your spin light is ON. The spin light will turn on after ten minutes of the drain pump being ON with no water level exchange. It may occur if the drain hose is too far down the drain pipe. So, you should make the proper installation to fix the problem.

Other reasons behind your machine not spinning

Power failure during spin cycling - If you lost during the spin, it might not be back up to its full spin speed.

If the appliance is paused at the wrong time, it could be caused slow spinning.

Dirty pump filter - Check if the pump filter is dirty. If it has dirt buildup, clean it.

Small items could be struck between the washer tub and the outer tub. So, you need to check the drum through the drum holes.

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Washer Takes More Time to Fill with Water

If your washing machine takes a long time rather than usual, there could be a few reasons. Unhook the hoses and ensure the water pressure is sufficient at the faucet. Check the screen filter in the connector for any debris blocks the water flow. If all these are fine, you will have to replace the water inlet valve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Amana washing machine?

  • Turn off the power to your Amana washer.
  • Unplug the machine from the power outlet.
  • Once the power shuts down, you have to press and hold the "Start or Pause" button for five seconds.
  • Plugin the unit back. Now, your Amana washing machine has been reset.

Why is my Amana washer stuck on wash cycle?

If your machine's door is defective, the washer will stop in the mid-cycle. The door may fail either electrically or mechanically. So, you have to inspect the door lock damages. Check whether it is latched correctly or not.

How do I reset the lid lock on my Amana washer?

First, unplug the washing machine for a few minutes that will reset the machine and clear the flashing light.

Press and hold the End of Cycle or Cycle Signal button for twenty seconds. This process also reset your Amana washer and clear the flashing light.

Final Words

If the tips above not useful to fix the Amana washer issues, it may require repair from the technician. Amana washer parts such as lid latch, knobs, control panel, hoses, etc. may have to be replaced. If any of your washing machine parts are faulty, you can buy new Amana parts from PartsIPS to replace.

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