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how to clean my washing machine

Usually, we all think that detergent power not only cleans our clothes but also a clean washing machine. But, it is the wrong way of thinking. Just like your clothes cleaning, the machine needs separate cleaning. While the use of a washing machine, it can pick up various kinds of things such as bacteria, dirt, dirty soap, bits of food, fibers, mildew, etc. When you leave it without cleaning, then the washing machine smells musty. So, regardless of what kind of washing machine you are using, should clean it every two or three months. Here, you can find out a few tips on how to clean the washing machine.

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How to Clean Washing Machine?

Generally, the cleaning procedure is different for front-loading and top-loading washing machines. So, you can go through your required process, either front load or top load washing machine cleaning tips.

Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning

Vinegar wash.

You need to add two cups of vinegar into your washing machine detergent tray. You can pour it directly into the drum also. Run the wash cycle with a full load and hottest water setting to get rid of mildew and to eliminate mineral deposits.

Bleach wash.

When the first vinegar wash cycle is done, you have to run the bleach wash cycle. For this, you have to add 2 cups of bleach in the detergent tray or pour directly into the drum. Now, run another hot water at the highest level wash cycle for removing stains and germs that are placed in the wash drum. If you don't prefer the use of bleach, you can take two cups of hydrogen peroxide instead of it.

Rinse cycle.

Once the second wash cycle is completed, you can run an additional rinse cycle to eliminate remaining grime or residue whatever is left in the washtub. Clean inside the machine with a microfiber cloth to remove any scum.

After completion of the rinse cycle, you should remove all dispensers, filters, and any removable parts from the machine for cleaning. Check at the below sections for their cleaning.

Clean exterior and seal of the washing machine.

Finally, you have to clean the rubber seal which is around the door and exterior of the machine with a cloth or sponge.

How to Clean Top Load Washing Machine?

Bleach soak and first wash cycle.

Fill the machine wash drum with hot water. Later add 1 quart of bleach and let it soak for an hour. If we soak the bleach, then it eliminates any mold and mildew. After an hour, start the highest level and hot water setting cycle. As we said above, you can use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach.

Vinegar soak.

When the first cycle is done, again fill the drum with hot water and mix one quart of white vinegar. Leave it for soak for about one hour.

In this soak time, you can clean all nooks and crannies of your machine including the lid, knobs, and exterior. Dip a microfiber cloth or sponge in the vinegar water and wipe down all things with a dampened cloth. If your appliance has built-in dispensers for bleach or fabric softener, make sure to clean them as well.

Second wash cycle.

After one hour of letting the vinegar soak, run another hot water wash cycle. If you finish these two wash cycles, then your washing machine will get sparkling.

How to Clean Detergent Tray and Other Dispensers of Machine?

In this section, you can get few tips on how to clean the detergent tray, filter, and door gasket or seal.

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Clean the detergent drawer.

The machine’s detergent drawer may have germs, encrusted washing powder and it can get dirty faster than we expect. So, you have to clean it regularly for the best results. To clean, first, remove the entire drawer and clean it with an old brush or an ordinary domestic cleaner.

If you don't know how to remove the drawer, check the manual. Moreover, don't forget about the drawer cavity cleaning. It will take a few minutes only for cleaning, then your clothes will feel good.

Clean the filter.

Remove the plug from the socket and take out the tubing, then remove the cap. After that, drain the remaining water of tube into a bowl. When the water has been drained, you have to remove the cap from the tubing and filter cover off and filter itself.

Check the drain pump once for any clogging. Now, let the filter for a soak in hot water and vinegar. Next, clean it with a toothbrush. Once it was dry, put the caps back for both the filter and tubing, close the filter cover as well. Make sure to check whether it fitted perfectly or not, otherwise the machine will leak water.

Clean the rubber seal or gasket.

Generally, when cleaning the washing machine, we forgot the space between the drum and the door. There will be a rubber seal that stops water from spilling out and hides excess detergent and dirt. If you leave it for a long time, turn into mold and then difficult to remove.

So, when finishing the wash program, wipe the gasket with a damp cloth. You can do it with vinegar. Apply vinegar on the seal and sit for a few minutes, then clean it. After cleaning, take a dry cloth and wipe down.

Use of Washing Machine Cleaners

Newer models of washing machines are designed with a special feature of the cleaning cycle. If you have it, you can clean directly with that automatic feature. If your appliance doesn't have, you need to perform the cleaning task manually. Instead of regular bleach, there are many cleaners available in the market including an affresh washing machine cleaner, tide machine cleaner, etc.

After completion of the cleaning process, open the door for some time. By doing this, air will circulate inside of the machine and dry out the remaining moisture. If you habituate this thing, you can prevent the washing machine smells easily.

Final Words:-

Finally, what we request you is that need to be done machine wash every two or three months to avoid technical issues also. Moreover, use the most efficient detergent and cleaners for your machine to ensure the best performance. PartsIPS offers some of washing machine cleaners for front load top load machines. Also, provides original washing machine spare parts at an effective cost. Therefore, visit us once and buy whatever you need.

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