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When you are experiencing problems with your LG air conditioner, troubleshoot problems yourself that can help your unit back working without having a technician visit. Our LG air conditioner troubleshooting guide will teach how to fix the common issues. LG ACs make it easy to create a comfortable space that you can enjoy. Read on to know what should you check if your LG air conditioner is not working properly.

LG Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

Find the best solutions for common LG air conditioner problems.

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Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

Try to make a small adjustment in the control panel settings. It can make the difference in producing cold air from the unit. Hence, check the control panel settings to ensure that they are set properly.

  • Set to cool - Examine if the AC is set to cool mode and then set the temperature to the lowest setting which is 60 degrees F on most LG models that are equipped with a digital display.
  • Adjust fan speed - You have to adjust the air conditioner fan speed to its maximum limit/ setting.
  • Check for cold air - If your LG AC is not blowing cold air, it needs a refrigerant recharge. For refrigerant recharge, you should call a qualified professional.

Along with the control panel settings, you need to check for the unit is plugged correctly into the power outlet.

High outdoor temperatures could be caused to keep your room hot. Make sure, close the windows and open air don't let inside.

Additionally, you must verify the LG air conditioner's compressor. You can check it by unplugging the unit for 30 seconds and turning it back on. After plugging it back in, keep the cool setting at the lowest temperature. Then, you should be able to hear the startup and hum of the compressor running. If you didn't hear, the compressor needs to be repaired.

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AC Not Working Correctly

Improper installation can lead to your AC not working properly. So, there is a need to verify whether the installation is correct or it is not obstructed.

Check for adequate airflow- Make sure the airflow to the air conditioner is not restricted. And, it should be installed with proper clearances on both sides. Although, at the rear also there are no obstructions to impede airflow.

Remove interior obstructions - Check and remove any blockages in front of the air intake like furniture or window.

Outside obstructions - You have to check for obstructions outside. The distance between the unit exhaust and outside obstructions must be at least 20 inches. So, measure the distance between those and adjust it as per requirement.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water

If your unit is a wall or window air conditioner, you must check the angle at which it is installed. Make sure, the AC needs to be tilted toward the outside from at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch to ensure the proper drain condensation from the base pan to the outside.

Unit Does Not Blow

When there is a problem with the fan motor or circuit board, your air conditioning unit doesn't blow air. So, you have to check the problems with the fan motor as well as the circuit board as per the instructions given in the LG manual. If your unit not blowing even after completion of all necessary fixes and adjustments, you should have a professional repair or service.

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AC Won’t Power ON

If the unit doesn't power on, you have to check different elements to restore the power. Check as per the following:

If the indicator light on the power plug is off:

Test the power outlet: Use any other electrical device to check whether the outlet has power or not.

  • Check the circuit breakers - See if the breaker has tripped or the fuse has blown if the power outlet does not work. You have to reset the circuit breaker if it is tripped or replace the blown fuse as needed.
  • Reset the air conditioner - Now, press the reset button on the power plug after verifying the outlet works and then press the power button on the AC control panel. Still, the unit is unable to get power, you have to contact a technician.

If the indicator light is green:

If the indicator light on your air conditioner is green, you need to do the reset power plug. To reset the power plug, press and hold the test button on the power plug and then press the reset button followed by the power button on the control panel. If the unit powers on, then consider that there might be tripped safety relay.

When the indicator light is in orange or red, you need to press the reset button on the power plug and then depress the power button on the control panel for resetting the unit. If your AC fails to power on, call a professional.

LG Air Conditioner Error Codes

Some LG air conditioners show error codes that will help you by giving a clue about an issue. However, these error codes may vary depending on the model. So, it's better to check the owner's manual for reference.

Final Words

Hope our LG air conditioner troubleshooting guide helped you solve common problems. However, each AC model can have slightly different troubleshooting steps as well as settings. Moreover, you can get some more useful tips on LG AC troubleshooting in your device manual. Stay in touch with us to get more troubleshooting tips on LG appliances.

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