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How to Clean Refrigerator Coils? - PartsIPS

how to clean refrigerator coils

Refrigerator coils are also known as condenser coils. Cleaning your refrigerator coils is a great way to stay as cold as possible without wasting excess energy. If these coils have dust or dirt, then the fridge requires more energy to cool your food, and sometimes it causes a breakdown of the unit. You should clean fridge condenser coils frequently so that they are not exposed to debris and works properly. Follow these simple steps for how to clean refrigerator coils. It is an easy process and will take a few minutes only.

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How to Clean Fridge Coils?

You can use this step by step guide for how to clean condenser coils fridge. You can perform this task simply yourself. Before you start the process, you have to keep ready the following materials: Face mask, vacuum with a long hose attachment, and appliance cleaning brush.

  • Unplug the Refrigerator.

Before you, clean fridge condenser coils, make sure to disconnect the power source from the supply and pull away from the wall for safety. Moreover, shut off the water valve if your refrigerator is equipped with a water dispenser or ice maker. Wear your face mask, as there will be a lot of dust and debris.

  • Locate Condenser Coils.

Depends on the model and year, the location will be varied. But, it is simple to find the location. In old models, the coils are located on the back of the unit. For new models, coils are located at the base of the unit. If you're unable to find the condenser coils, refer to the user manual once.

On the back:

Easy to locate. Check for the metal grid attached to the back of the refrigerator.

How to clean coils under refrigerator? 

This is somewhat tricky to find. Want to know how to clean refrigerator coils underneath? Look at this process. Coils on the bottom have a panel in the front that you can remove. Now, you need to use the vacuum cleaner brush there for cleaning. Find the grate under the appliance door and gently remove it.

  • Vacuum Coils.

Now, you have to clean the coils with a vacuum. Using long and narrow attachment, thoroughly vacuum dust and dirt. While cleaning the coils, you can clean any other areas surrounding it you see dust buildup. You should be careful not to damage the coil or ribs. With the help of a flashlight, you can know what needs to be removed from the coils.

Vacuum the fan if it is accessible. When the dust accumulates on the fan blades, the airflow will decrease which may contribute to premature compressor failure.

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  • Brush Coils.

Once you have completed the initial vacuum, brush away any remaining debris and dust that you couldn't access with your vacuum. Make sure to run it through each curve and crevasse of refrigerator coils and fan. This step will take some more time but easy with the cleaning brush.

  • Vacuum Again.

After brushing the coils, the final step is to vacuum condenser coils once again. This will ensure you have removed all debris that was left from brushing. It is also good to vacuum the wall area behind the appliance and floor before replacing the unit.

  • Reposition the Appliance.

Once you have completed the refrigerator coils cleaning, it's time to position the unit to its right place carefully. Also, vacuum up any dust exposed while moving the fridge. Give the power supply to your fridge.

Once you clean the coils, it can take up to 24 hours to find the difference in your appliance performance. However, now, you will find consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator.

How to Clean the Coils on a Samsung Refrigerator with DIY Cleaner?

When you are unhappy with coils basic brushing and dusting, you need to clean them with big guns. If you are wondering to know how to clean refrigerator coils Whirlpool, Samsung, Kenmore, etc., then try this DIY cleaner.

It's easy to prepare and use the cleaning solution. DIY coil cleaner won't fill the air with noxious chemical smells like commercial products.

Mix the vinegar and alcohol in a bottle and fill it with warm water. Spray the solution on gummy or sticky spots on the condenser coils. Let the sprayed mixture sit for a few minutes. After that, scrub the spotted area with a brush and wipe down the coils. If the stain remains, then sprinkle baking soda on the spotted area and repeat the cleaning process. After cleaning the coils, you can use this solution for interior and exterior cleaning of the refrigerator.

This source is the solution for your questions such as how to clean condenser coils on Whirlpool french door refrigerator, how to clean Kenmore refrigerator coils, etc. So, use these instructions and make your refrigerator coils cleaning simply as well as perfectly.

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