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amana microwave troubleshooting

When a problem raise in your microwave oven, you should identify the issue and fix it yourself before calling an authorized technician. If you don't know about how to find the problem and troubleshoot. Don't get upset, we are here to help you while getting to know the problem and fix the solution. This guide will cover basic Amana commercial microwave troubleshooting tips. Keep on reading this post to get Amana radar range microwave troubleshooting instructions also.

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Amana Commercial Microwave Troubleshooting

If your Amana microwave not operating/ not heating, below are the steps you can follow to solve the problem.

Microwave is Not Operating

If your Amana microwave is not turning on, then you have to check a couple of things to troubleshoot. Here are some steps you need to follow to fix your microwave issue.

  • Check power.
  • Check whether the microwave is getting heat or not.
  • Next, look at the door.
  • Finally, check for Amana microwave error codes or display codes.

Check the Power

Check that the microwave should be plugged in. Verify whether the power cord is connected to the ground or polarized unit. Next check the outlet. If you are unaware of its working, check it in another way. Simply plug the outlet in a household light or any small appliance and verify its working condition. Finally, see the household circuit breaker, it has tripped or the fuse has been blown. Still, the problem persists, you can call an electrician.

Verify, if the microwave is heating.

To test microwave heating, take water in a bowl and place it on the appliance turntable. Now, start the oven for one minute with HI (100%) power setting. If the water is warm, then you have to consider it as getting heat. If it's not heating, call a service person or check the manual for troubleshooting instructions.

Check the Door

When the door is not closed correctly, the microwave will not start or function properly. Make sure there are no things that block or prevent the door from closing completely. If you open the appliance first time, check to see material that you have to remove from packing.

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Check for Amana microwave error codes.

If your microwave is showing error codes, see below.

"L" or "LOC": LOC indicates the control lock is enabled or ON condition.

Demo Mode: It is ideal to learn how to use a microwave oven. When you set, the functions can enter without turning on the magnetron. The appliance light will come on, the fan also run. If it is on, the turntable will rotate automatically.

If a different code will display, please refer to the owner's manual for additional information.

Amana Microwave Not Heating

When your Amana microwave stopped heating, you can follow the below tips to troubleshoot it.


The diode converts the transformer A/C power output to D/C. Here the voltage will be doubled up to 5000 volts. Due to this high voltage, powers the magnetron to heat the food. When the diode burns out, the magnetron won't receive sufficient voltage to operate so that it prevents the microwave from heating.

Therefore, you have to check the diode is burned out. If it is burned, replace it. If it's not burned, test it with the multimeter that uses a 9-volt battery. When the leads are reversed, you have to conclude it has continuity in one direction. Call a licensed technician to replace the diode.

Door Switch

Many appliances have three or four-door switches. If you close the door, the door switches actuate in sequence for closing the door properly. When any of the door switches fails, the microwave oven won't heat or start. So, test it with a multimeter. If they don't have continuity, replace it.

Also, check the magnetron, high voltage capacitor, transformer, Thermo protector, thermal fuse, and main control board. You make sure to check all components in the control board. If all components look in good condition, you should replace the main control board.

Amana Radarange Microwave Troubleshooting

If your Amana radar range microwave is not working properly, try to fix the problem with the following instructions.

If the problem is with the power cord, then insert the power cord into the outlet. Still, the problem persists, inspect blown circuit fuse, and repair it. Check for program whether the controls on the oven programmed correctly as per manual or not.

Next verify the door, close the door completely and touch the code function on the start pad. Now, find out if the microwave works. If not working, check for power levels. The oven will cook the food too slowly or quickly when this power level program is incorrect.

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Final Words:-

If your problem doesn't solve with the above Amana commercial microwave troubleshooting instructions, you can call the service technician and try to fix it with the help of him. Stay tuned with us for further more information regarding appliance problems fixing solutions.

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