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how to load a dishwasher

Loading a dishwasher is not a difficult task. If you load it properly, it can help your dishes come out cleaner. Also, save your time and energy. A proper setting machine ensures better cleaning so you can try it. Learning about how to load a dishwasher correctly is the best way to complete the wash cycle successfully. There is no exact rule for how to properly load a dishwasher, but we have a few trusted tips to maximize the wash cycle. If you have a dishwasher, this guide will offer you some tips related to how to arrange dishes in the dishwasher, how to load silverware in the dishwasher, how to load wine glasses in the dishwasher, how to load dishwasher cutlery basket, etc.

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How to Load a Dishwasher Correctly?

Here, you can know the process of loading a dishwasher including how to place dishes in the dishwasher.

How to Fill a Dishwasher, Lower Rack?

For ease of convenience, you have to load the bottom rack first. Large bowls, serving platters, lunch & dinner plates, silverware, dishwasher safe baking dishes, pans, and stainless steel pots are suitable for the lower rack.

  • You have to place dinner and lunch plates between the tines on the bottom rack and serving sides toward the washer jets. If you place the plates in the designated slots, then they don't touch against each other and will have enough space to adequate airflow while drying.
  • Don't put dishes as they contact each other. This creates accumulation and caused uneven cleaning of dishes.
  • Place large bowls along with the side rack or between tines, back, or front of the bottom rack. Face the inside of each bowl toward the center of the washer and positioned them downward.
  • Cookware items like pans, pots, and baking dishes can place at the back or along the side of the bottom rack. These items should be angled down to ensure better cleaning.
  • Flat platters or pans that have to be placed on the back or side of the lower rack away from the dishwasher door. If you place them in front of the door, then they can block detergent from reaching other dishes.
  • Position the silverware into the silverware basket. When loading silverware, take care to avoid nesting as they can cause some utensils to clean inefficiently.
  • Place knives with the handles to secure the fingers and hands when unloading these items.
  • Forks and spoons must be placed with the handles down for proper cleaning.
  • Some silverware baskets contain lids that can be flipped or removed when your silverware handles do not fit into the slots of lids.

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How to Load a Dishwasher Upper Rack?

Items suitable for the upper rack are mugs, cups, drinking glasses, stemware, containers, plastic items, small plates, small bowls, and large utensils.

  • Arrange mugs, cups, wine glasses, and water bottles in a downward position along the sides of the upper rack from front to back.
  • If your dishwasher has a fold-down shelf with stemware holders, take care of secure the stems of champagne flutes and wine glasses in the stemware holders for getting extra protection while washing.
  • Some models have flexible spray nozzles on the top rack that can be placed inside water bottles or tall glasses for more cleaning.
  • Place small bowls, storage containers, and lids toward the center with the serving side down.
  • Plastic items should always be placed in the upper rack to keep them away from the heating elements, which means the bottom rack is close to the heating elements. So, there may be a chance of melting the plastic things, if it gets too hot.
  • Ensure plastic items fit securely because they are not small enough to move through gaps. They can block one of the machine's arms.
  • Long utensils such as ladles, spatulas need to be arranged as flat on the upper rack.

How to Load Dishwasher Cutlery Basket?

Along with learning how to arrange dishes in the dishwasher, you need to know about the loading of the cutlery basket. While placing these in the cutlery basket handle down, separate them as much as possible. Place forks, knives, and spoons in this basket as handle down. Better to wash sharp and dangerous knives by hand. Any wood utensils should not be placed in the dishwasher. Separate the cutlery loosely as much as possible and position the spoons and forks up so that water can reach them easily.

Once you have done the loading process, fill your detergent dispenser to the required level depends on water hardness. If you are not sure about it, you can fill half the way. After that, select wash and dry settings in your washing machine.

Tips for Loading Every Dishwasher

  • Scrape off large bits of food, but do not clean the dishes before. If there is a bit of dirt for the detergent to stick to, then they will come out from the cleaner.
  • Place and angle any curved dishes such as bowls with the dirtiest surface downward. You can apply this for both upper and lower racks. You should leave the space on each surface to flow water up and around the surface. No nesting!
  • Angle cups and glasses with concave bottoms so that the water drains from the surface.
  • On the bottom rack, place smaller plates in between larger ones for getting airflow.
  • You should not load the following items in your dishwasher: Cast iron skillets, carving knives, brass or bronze utensils, and delicate china items.

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Final Words:-

Proper loading is a key to work your dishwasher effectively. So, you should have an idea of how to stack a dishwasher properly. Therefore, try our tips to make your dishes clean efficiently. If you need to buy any dishwasher parts for replacement, PartsIPS is the best choice to get them. Yes, at PartsIPS we sell all top brands dishwasher replacement parts. Visit us today!

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