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williams wall furnace troubleshooting

Is your Williams wall furnace not working properly? Is it facing the problems like pilot light won't stay lit, the fan not working, a problem with the limit switch, etc.? Then, you have to go through the Williams wall furnace troubleshooting. PartsIPS providing you some fixes for these common wall furnace issues. If you want to troubleshoot for Williams wall furnace yourself, please go through the following blog content to get the best tips.

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Williams Wall Furnace Troubleshooting

Wall furnaces are one of the most effective and efficient units to heat the home that allows you for heating only the room when you are using. However, you need to take care of them to avoid chilled air. Know what causes the issues with furnaces and how to repair them yourself.

Reasons for your Furnace Pilot Light Goes Out

  • Faulty thermocouple.
  • The pilot orifice is dirty.
  • Bad gas regulator.
  • Pilot Won’t Light.
  • Pilot Goes Out.
  • Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit­
  • Wall Furnace Fan Not Working.
  • Furnace has Stopped Working.
  • Unit Turns On and Off Too Often.
  • Furnace Makes Burning Smell.
  • Furnace Not Producing Sufficient Heat.

Now we will see how to solve above issues:

 Faulty thermocouple

The thermocouple is the copper rod which directly hits the pilot flame. Often it's called the "flame sensor," which is a safety valve that breaks off the gas and the pilot goes out. If the thermocouple doesn't shut the gas off, all the gas that flows through the furnace might get into your house. Thermocouple defends against a disastrous gas accumulation.

The thermocouple needs to detect the flame, otherwise, it may shut off the gas valve then your furnace doesn't work properly. The following are the three reasons why the thermocouple malfunctioning: Whether it is broken, it is dirty or it's not lined up.

Note: When you repair or replace the thermocouple, you should remember to shut off the power and gas valve to the furnace by rotating the breaker and avoid accidental issues.

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The pilot orifice is dirty

If you can get the pilot light illuminated only for a moment, examine the flame. The pilot light should be a solid blue star, not a soft yellow flame. A weaker flame would not surround the thermocouple.

The orifice to the pilot may be full of dirt. Cleaning the pilot orifice includes disassembling the pilot with a needle or compressed air, and removing the debris. If you aren't ready to start changing critical parts of your furnace system, call Williams wall furnace repair experts to help you out.

Bad gas regulator

A bad regulator outside of your home in your natural gas meter can affect all of your home's gas appliances including your furnace, dryer, stove, etc. Maybe your furnace doesn't get enough gas to keep the pilot lit. If you find issues with the pilot in any of your household appliances, that could be the cause. 

Fluctuating natural gas availability.

When natural gas consumption gets reach peaks, your area's "power grid" can draw closer to its capacity and intermittently lower gas pressure. Even the slightest malfunction in supplying gas to your furnace could be enough to get the pilot out.

Improper airflow or a strong draft blows the pilot out.

Excessive windy days or nights may be caused to pilot out.

Pilot Won’t Light

Are you trying to light the pilot by following the appropriate procedure, but it not lighting? The first thing you have to do is checking the gas supply. If your furnace runs with propane, then make sure there is gas in it. If it runs with natural gas, check the handle on the gas line that it should be parallel to the pipe.

When there is gas, there might be a pilot aperture blocked. You need to clear it by reaching in the combustion chamber under the heater and poking a needle into the aperture.  Also, you can detach the pilot tube and clear it with compressed air.

Pilot Goes Out

The furnace won't operate properly if the pilot is too weak or goes out. It can be caused by blockages in the pilot tube. The Faulty of the thermocouple is also one of the reasons for this. A thermocouple is a heat sensor placed next to the pilot flame that indicates the gas valve to open when the flame is burning.

Your furnace pilot won't turn on when it is defective or too far away. When you push the thermocouple closer to the pilot, it will solve the problem. But, sometimes, thermocouples wear out, then you may need replacing.

Williams Wall Furnace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit­

With the result of a blockage in the pilot tube, the Williams wall furnace pilot light won't stay lit. So, you have to turn off the gas, clear the tube with compressed air and relight the pilot. It doesn't work, you need to call a repair person or install a new thermocouple yourself.

If the generator producing insufficient millivolts, then you have to check the pilot flame. It should impinge on the generator from 1/4 to 3/8 inches. Make sure to verify that the thermocouple is fully inserted in its bracket.

Are there any loose generator connections at the gas valve? You have to tighten the connections at the valve. Also, check for the generator defective. You can verify this with a millivoltmeter. By placing the meter with the generator terminals of the valve in the pilot position, you can take the reading.

Grounded thermostat wire - For this, you should remove the thermostat wires from the valve terminals. If the pilot stays lit now, locate the thermostat wiring circuit for a ground. For the need of replacement, you have to replace the gas valve after verifying the before.

Williams Wall Furnace Fan Not Working

If your furnace fan not running properly, you have to check the following:

Check to see for the furnace circuit breaker has tripped. If it occurs, you need to allow and reset the time for a normal heating cycle. Verify that the thermostat is set correctly. If it is set too low, then your furnace thinks everyone is cozy at 50 degrees. Moreover, check the furnace filter. And, clean and replace it monthly during the heating time. A clogged filter can drop airflow that results in your furnace overheats without sending the heat into the home.

A furnace has Stopped Working

If your Williams furnace is not working at all, then check for a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Need to replace or rest the blown fuse? you have done it immediately. If it's not a problem, go through the wiring for any loose connections. Make sure to shut off the power to the unit and remove it from the wall to check the wire connections. Remove the control knob and tighten the loose connections. Although, make sure that the thermostat is set to the correct setting. Still, the unit not working, it probably requires a new heating element.

Unit Turns On and Off Too Often

It could be signed of plants, curtains, or any other objects blocking the airflow to the unit. Also, it could be the result of a damaged thermostat or control switch.

Furnace Fan Comes On but Unit Doesn't Get Hot

Faulty heating elements or loose wire connections may be the cause of this result inside of the furnace. So, you have to check the wiring connections in the unit by removing it from the wall. Tighten any loose or disconnected wires. If it is not working, call the repair person.

Williams Wall Furnace Never Shuts Off

There may be many reasons for this problem. Some of those are, the room is poorly insulated or too big for the furnace. If it is the reason, you can add stripping to doors and windows and insulate the doors and walls. You can also, use another unit to cover the all space.

Furnace Makes Burning Smell

When your unit's heating elements are lint, dirty, having hair or any other debris, cause heating elements to wear out. If you are not using the unit for a while, cut power to the furnace and clean the heating element with a vacuum carefully.

Furnace Not Producing Sufficient Heat

Look at the low gas pressure at the gas valve. It should be10.5 inches W.C. for LPG and 4 inches W.C. for natural gas. Also, check for blocked orifice.

If the above troubleshooting tips are not working for your furnace, you have to replace or repair any needed spare parts. Otherwise, call a repair expert to help you more.

When you need to buy new spare parts for your Williams Wall Furnace, select PartsIPS to buy new items at affordable prices. Moreover, PartsIPS supplies reliable and original Williams Wall Furnace Parts that affect your unit running efficiently.

Also, before calling the technician you can check the Williams wall furnace reset button, Williams wall furnace limit switch, and Williams heater red button. If need, you should be done a replacement.

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Hope you got the best Williams Wall Furnace Troubleshooting tips. Follow these steps and keep your unit running back again originally. For more appliances troubleshooting guides, connect with us @Partsips, and get free tips. Thank you!

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