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How to Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter?

how to replace your refrigerator water filter

Having a refrigerator with a water filter and ice dispenser is a great convenience for you. But to keep your water and ice fresh and pure, you need to change the fridge water filter regularly. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the filters every six months.

If you feel that your water or ice does not pure or cool, then replace it. Look at our handy guide. In this blog, we have provided the solution for How to Replace Refrigerator Water Filter? Also, if you are searching for whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement, keep reading this post.

The Whirlpool water filter has to be changed based on its location. Most of the fridges contain filter at the bottom, back upper right-hand corner or inside at the front of the fridge. Depending on the Whirlpool filter location, the replacement will be done differently.

Select your filter location and proceed with the process to install it.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement at the Bottom:

Follow these instructions while removing and replacing your water filter:

1) Twist the Dial and Remove Old Filter:

Look for the dial that holds the grill under your fridge doors. Quarter turn the dial to an anticlockwise direction to get it unlocked. Then carefully take the filter out of the refrigerator. You can keep a small towel below to prevent water drops caused by damage.

2) Slide Dial Handle on to the New Filter:

If the dial does not move in an anticlockwise position, you can press the knob near to it for removing the filter. Check the way the dial slides to the end of the previous one. To get it disconnected, pull or push it orthogonally. Next, you have to slide the new one to the dial slot by outlining the edges at its end and push it until it gets locked.

3) Insert the New Refrigerator Filter:

Make sure you first remove the red cap from the new unit. After that push the new filter straight into the slot and then turn the dial to one quarter, in the clockwise direction to put it in a lock position. If it is fixed once, you can enjoy it with the fridge. To say in one word, replacement is opposite to removal.

If it has an orange or yellow light, you need to press down the reset button for 3 seconds to make the light change to green or blue from yellow.

How to Change Water Filter at the Upper Right Hand Corner of Fridge?

1) Remove Old Filter:

To pull out the old filter, you have to turn the cap or attached knob a 1/4 turn anticlockwise. You can use this cap while installing a new item. So, remove the cartridge cap carefully. Slightly pull out to remove it as soon as the cap reaches a vertical position.

If your fridge water filter comes with a push-button for unlock, press the button and gently pull it for removing.

2) Install New Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter:

First, remove the new filter from the package and also eliminate the red plastic cap from its cartridge. Make sure its position should be vertical if it is a quarter-turn cap. You have to slide it softly into the hole and turn the cap to a clockwise direction until it becomes tight.

You should remember that the filter isn't too tight. It may leak water drops, so place a towel.

3) Water Filter Label:

Many filters come with a label that has a date to let you know when it needs to be changed. Some fridges have an indicator light to blink when the replacement required. If you don’t have these two, then write down the date when you got changed on masking tape and stick it on your system.

If there is a push-button system, just adjust the cap of the filter in a line position and carefully insert it into the unit. When it gets fixed, the eject knob will pop up. After installing the new component, you have to test with few gallons of water to clear all impurities leftover from manufacturing.

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Final Words:

The best way to avoid harmful contaminants is to take care of your water filters. Your Whirlpool water filter replacement is very easy & simple. Also, they increase quality by producing clean and freshwater.

We hope you have understood whirlpool refrigerator filter installing process with this guide. Do you have any questions regarding Whirlpool or other brand fridge filters? If yes, you can drop a comment in the below box.

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