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How To Clean LG Dishwasher Filter?


A dishwasher filter prevents tiny and greasy food particles from sticking to freshly cleaned dishes. So, it's very important to maintain your LG dishwasher filter properly much like a filter in your home furnace or car. The filter in the dishwasher has a major role while keeping the unit running efficiently for years to come. When your dishes come out as dirty or the dishwasher not draining correctly, the necessary thing you have to do is filter cleaning. This article explains you how to clean LG dishwasher filter so it would be easy for you.

How to Clean LG Dishwasher Filter?

Normally there are bits of food and greasy particles that are flushed away from the dishes even if you rinse your dishes before loading them into the washer. Then the filter in your machine traps all loose particles and prevents them from being redeposited on dishes. When the dishwasher's filter is clogged, it can't do the job as it can do.

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However, some dishwashers contains a self-cleaning filter and other have manual clean filters. Both types of filters are placed on the washer's interior floor under the rotating spray arm. Hence, initially, you have to determine which type of filter your dishwasher has by checking the owner's manual.

How Often do you Clean an LG Dishwasher Filter?

You should clean the self-cleaning filter at least once a month using a commercial dishwasher cleaner or with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Moreover, you also need to clean manual-cleaning filters every month. If you are getting bits of food on dishes even after cleaning them, you should often clean the filter more than others.

LG dishwasher cleaning will be completed within minutes so it is well worth the effort to save time as well as the energy of having to clean dishes again.

LG Dishwasher Filter Cleaning

Find and Access your Dishwasher Filter

You can find the filter on the interior floor of the dishwasher. It will be around the base of the bottom spray arm or in one of the back corners of the tub. Simply take out the lower rack of the washer and look at the bottom to access the filter.

The filter can look in two ways including a cylindrically shaped tube that looks like modern water pitcher filters and a circular plastic grid/ series of holes that cover the filter. But, in new models, they come up with a secondary filter, i.e., a lower flat filter that can be placed below the cylindrical shaped filter. You will need to remove these two filters for cleaning.

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Remove the Dishwasher Filter

With the simple twist-off, you can remove the filter, however, some models require tools. You can check the arrows at the top of the filter using a flashlight. These arrows will indicate the direction to turn it for filter removal. Unlock the filter by giving it a quarter turn clockwise or counterclockwise based on your model. After that, pull it out gently.

If your LG dishwasher contains a lower filter, there will be a hole in the middle through which a cylindrical one is installed. As the lower filter is not locked in place, you can simply lift the lower filter and pull it forward for removal.

Dishwasher Filter Cleaning

Take a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent into a bucket to soak the filter. You have to soak your filter for a few minutes, it helps break down any stuck-on particles or grease buildup. After that, take a soft brush/ toothbrush/ sponge to gently scrub inside of the filter. Also, scrub the outside of the filter for removing any stubborn bits of food.

You should rinse the filter with hot water thoroughly until the water coming through it is clear. Once it is cleared, let it leave to dry in a dish rack or on a towel.

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Clean the Bottom of your Dishwasher

Look at the bottom of the unit and clear away the food particles which are spotted. Also, clean it with a damp cloth.

Re-Install LG Dishwasher Filter

While replacing the filter into it's position, you have to follow the steps in reverse that are followed for removing. If your washer has two filters, first slide the lower filter. Then, place the upper filter/ cylindrical one back in and twist it to lock. Make sure the filter is in place securely because loose-fitting causes damage to your dishwasher, filter or dishes.

If you don't have time to clean your LG dishwasher filter on regular basis, you can run a wash cycle periodically with white vinegar or a commercial dishwasher cleaner.

Final Words

Hope you learned how to clean LG dishwasher filter. However,  filter maintenance is very important to run your dishwasher effectively. It also extends the life of your unit. For more information on LG dishwasher filter cleaning, you can refer to your manufacturer's manual.

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