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Bosch is a German brand that needs no introduction in the appliance market. Started by Robert Bosch in the year 1886, the company emerged as a global leader in the production market. Bosch refrigerators are popular for their premier design and efficient operation. They make long lasting robust appliances for commercial and household purposes. The reliability and effectiveness of their products made them a global brand. Their appliances are preferred by the affluent class as they fit perfectly in their homes and give rich look. Many high-class kitchens are equipped with Bosch refrigerators. This blog will assist you in your Bosch Refrigerator Installation post-delivery.

Table of Contents

1. Bosch Refrigerator Installation

2. Unpack the Refrigerator

3. Measure the Refrigerator Dimensions

4. Move the Unit

5. Bosch Refrigerator Installation

6. Start the Refrigerator

7. Maintenance 

8. Conclusion 

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Bosch Refrigerator Installation

The installation of the refrigerator is pretty simple if you just follow the step-wise instructions that are given below. In case you get stuck in the middle, you can always refer to manufacturer’s manual provided.

Unpack the Refrigerator

First, unpack the refrigerator. Usually, it comes in a large cardboard box. Take and keep the necessary documents such as users guide, guarantee, and warranty papers safe aside. Remove if there is any cover wrapping around the fridge.

Measure the Refrigerator Dimension

Bosch fridges come in various sizses and models. So, first you should measure the dimensions width, height, and depth of your  fridge  before starting installation. Measuring should be done even considering the space that is being swept when you open and close the doors.

You should arrange the place in your kitchen for the fridge to fit in, according to the measurements taken. It is best to check the user manual for appropriate values.

It is important to leave some extra space all around the refrigerator for air to fill the gaps, as it helps in cooling the condenser coils.

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Move the Unit

After measuring the appliance as said earlier, check whether the path also has enough space i.e from the unpacking area to the kitchen space, to move the refrigerator through.

It’s best if you can remove the doors from the fridge as it will reduce the appliance weight and makes moving easy. If not possible, tape them tight to ensure they not to open on the way while taking them in.

Now we can start moving the fridge. It’s better to use a trolley. If not you should use the help of others as well, as it is a heavy appliance. You should be extremely careful when you are moving it up the stairs.

The freezer equipment can be tilted but should not be carried horizontally or in an inverted position. Because there will be liquid or gas refrigerant and thin electrical wires that can get damaged.

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Bosch Refrigerator Installation

After moving it to the kitchen, place it on the floor. Cover the floor with the cardboard prior before keeping the fridge down near its place.

Check whether there is enough space to set the water line in case your fridge is not the one with an inbuilt water dispenser.

The water line kits are not always provided by the manufacturer. So you should know it beforehand and prepare accordingly. If you are replacing your old refrigerator with a new, then the old water line will work.

Keep the lengths of the water and electrical lines extra, so that you can move the fridge freely. Take care of the water lining so that it should not have any leakages. If you are not familiar with the work, it's better to hire a plumber.

Now after fixing everything, you keep the refrigerator in its appropriate position and level it by adjusting the knobs given at the bottom of its legs. Plug in the refrigerator's electric line into the switch box.

Start the Refrigerator

It's better to leave the refrigerator at rest for a couple of hours after installation. This will give time for the refrigerant to settle down. After that, we can switch on the refrigerator and check its functioning. At first, adjust the temperatures low as it's just warming up!

It is better to use a fridge guard to protect your unit from fluctuating voltages. It regulates the voltage constantly and prevents the appliance when there is a surge or drop in voltage. This will ensure a long-lasting and efficient output from your refrigerator. Always make sure there are no leaks in condenser coils and the water lines.


Now you know how to install a refrigerator. We hope our post helps you well in installing a fridge on your own. If you are hesitant about doing it on your own, you can always hire a professional. So, go and install your Bosch refrigerator and keep your groceries fresh and beverages cool!


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