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When you have bought a Bosch washing machine, it's installation might be done without any additional charges. But, sometimes, if there is a charge for installation, then you can save a little money by installing the unit yourself. The Bosch washing machine installation is simple if you have proper guidance. To help you, we have given some instructions for installation in this post. Check them now!

Bosch Washing Machine Installation Guide

You should have to prepare your newly purchased washing machine before you install it. If you plan to install your machine in the bathroom, kitchen, or any other place, you should take care of this even at the stage of rough repair.

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  •  Remove the packaging carefully and read the instructions given in the box or manual.
  •  After that unscrew the bolts by unrolling the unit with the back wall towards you.
  •  Plug the remaining holes from the bolts with the special plugs which should be included along with the machine.
  •  Open the hatch door and ensure that there are no foreign objects in the machine's drum.
  •  Open and check the detergent powder tray. There should be nothing inside the tray.
  •  Verify the dust filter in the lower part of the housing which is fully screwed in.
  •  You should not place any interior item in front of the washing machine that could contact while opening/ closing the door.
  •  Keep ready an adjustable wrench, pliers, FUM tape, building level, etc. to proceed to connect the machine.

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Water Supply Connection

The housing of your washing machine should be strictly leveled. Once the unit is placed, you need to tighten the legs of the machine and check the position of the unit with a building level until it is perfectly aligned. Next, organize the communication for your washing machine.

Locate the hot and clod water supplies on the back of the unit. You can find them simply as they clearly marked and be held flush against the washing machine by clips. Now, pull these hot and cold water hoses away from the clips and screw them by hand onto the water spigots in your home. Once they are screwed onto the spigots, turn them on and ensure that there are no leaks.

This is the time to connect the drainage hose which you will get along with the washing machine package. Place the hose clamp at the drainage hose end and connect it to the port on the top left side of the unit's back. Using a screwdriver, tighten the hose clamp to hold the hose securely to the drainage port.

Attach the other end of the drainage hose into the wall drain which is placed between the two water spigots in your home. Next, you have a look at an elbow-shaped device that may be included with your machine. Fit it onto the hose to stay in place when inserted into the wall drain. Without the matter of elbow, you should insert the hose into the wall drain at least four inches to prevent it from coming loose.

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Power Management

Once all water connections are completed, you have to plug the power cord of the washing machine into the wall outlet. If the plug doesn't fit into your outlet, remove the old outlet and install a proper outlet that is suitable for your washer. Take the help of an electrician to complete this power management task. You should not connect the machine through extension cards or tees.

Next, move your Bosch washing machine up against the wall. Leave a few inches gap in between wall and machine to avoid keeping undue pressure on the hoses. Now, your machine is ready to use.


If you have prepared in advance, Bosch washing machine installation is not a difficult task. If you start the installation without any idea, then it may not succeed. You should place the machine correctly and evenly. However, installation methods and measurements may vary from model to model so check and follow the installation instructions on how to install a Bosch washing machine given in the manual, then everything will be done quickly and smoothly.

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