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How To Clean Bosch Washing Machine - PartsIPS


Your Bosch washing machine is designed to give you so many years of service. To get longer service and operate in top condition, You should maintain and protect it correctly. In this blog, we have updated details on how to clean Bosch washing machine so you can follow them for perfect maintenance & cleaning. Moreover, you can reduce the common problems with the given below cleaning process.

How to Clean Bosch Washing Machine?

Here, you can know how to clean your washer's housing & control panel, detergent dispenser tray, drum, water inlet strainers, drain pump, etc.

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Cleaning the Housing and Control Panel

Sometimes, you may need to clean the housing and control panel of your washing machine. Check the instructions below to clean it.

  • Use warm soapy water or a mild cleansing agent.
  • Dry with a soft towel.
  • Remove residue if any immediately.
  • Make sure do not use any high-pressure sprays.

Cleaning the Drum

If the metallic debris has left in the washer's drum, it can produce rust spots on the drum. So you need to clean regularly. You should not use steel wool for removing these spots. Better to use a chlorine-free cleaning agent for cleaning. Also, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Descaling the Washer

If you use the correct amounts of detergent with your wash loads, then descaling is not necessary. However, in some situations, you need to perform the descaling process. You can see white spots on the drum that are caused by lime or mineral deposits or small amounts of rust caused by metal objects left in the drum. For removing these spots, you have to use the manufacturer-recommended descaling agent.

You should note that a few descaling agents contain acids that may attack washing machine parts and also caused discolor the laundry.

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Detergent Dispenser Tray Cleaning

If there is a buildup of residual detergent or additives or When one of the softener compartments is not rinsed out well enough, clean the dispenser as it may help to you. Follow the instructions given below for cleaning the detergent dispenser tray.

1. First, open the detergent dispenser tray fully in the washer. Next, press down on the drawer catch and then pull the tray from the washer housing.

2. Now, remove the insert by grasping and pulling it upwards from the dispenser tray.

3. You have to clean the removed insert and tray by holding them under hot running water. Lightly wipe away if there is any remaining detergent residue.

4. Once, cleaning and wiping have been done, you need to attach the insert. And, slide the detergent dispenser tray back into its place and close correctly.

You should not run the machine without a detergent dispenser tray. Always keep the tray closed.

Cleaning the Water Inlet Strainers

When your washing machine's water supply slows or stops completely, you have to check the water inlet strainer for blockages. However, for every six months, you can clean water inlet strainers to prevent valve blockages if you are using hard water.

Initially, you will have to release the water under pressure in the supply hoses. Normal water pressure in your home will cause some water for leaking when you remove the water supply hose from the back of the unit. You can minimize the pressure by first de-pressurizing the hoses.

  • Turn off the water tap.
  • Select any wash cycle and run it.
  • Press the start/ pause button and let it pass for 30 seconds.
  • Turn off the cycle selector.

Once the water pressure is reduced on the water supply hose, clean the strainers.

Clean the strainers at the water tap end of the hose:

Remove the hose from the tap. Rinse the strainers under running water. You need to clean it under running water until debris is removed completely. After that, reconnect the hose to the tap.

Clean the strainers at the washer end of the hose:

  • Remove the hose from the inlet on the washing machine.
  • Hold and pull the strainer from the inlet port by using narrow pliers.
  • Rinse the strainer under running water.
  • Once rinsing has completed, reconnect the hose to the washer back and turn on the water tap. Check to see if water flows by starting a warm water wash cycle.

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Drain Pump Cleaning

  • You have to clean your washing machine drain when it fails to drain. The washing machine can become blocked by loose debris.
  • To access the drain pump, you will need to remove the service cover of your washer. After that, follow the below steps.
  • If your unit is not drained, try to dry it. To dry, turn the program selector to the Drain mode and press the start/ pause button. Wait a few minutes to let the cycle drain the water from the washer drum. Water won't drain till the cycle end if the drain pump is blocked totally.
  • Shut off the tap so that no more water flows into the washer and it has to be drained. Switch the unit off and remove the power plug from the outlet.
  • Now, open and remove the service cover.
  • Loosen the screws for removing the protective film.
  • Using the pull-out drain hose which is located in the drain pump access opening, drain the remaining water into a container.
  • Pull the sealing cap from the hose and lay the hose over the container's side and allow the water to complete draining from the washer's drum. When draining has finished, you need to replace the sealing cap into the end of the hose. Restore the hose it's storage location.
  • Remove the pump cover by turning it counterclockwise. Now, you have to clean the interior of the pump housing and remove debris and foreign objects if any. Also, remove lint, detergent residue and so on from the threads of the drain pump cover and its housing.
  • Replace the washer's drain pump cover by screwing it tightly into position.
  • After that, re-insert the protective film over the pump access using both screws.
  • Place the service cover as well at the hinges and close it.

We hope our instructions given in this post on Bosch washing machine cleaning help you for proper maintenance of your appliance.

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