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Bosch Refrigerator Reviews - PartsIPS


Bosch refrigerator lineup is the best in the market for years. Bosch offers refrigerators in many models including built-in, side-by-side, single compressor, etc. Now, with their new units, Bosch became the first ranking in the appliance industry. With a large selection of high-end appliances throughout the Bosch lineup. it can be difficult for you while selecting the unit which is best for your home needs. Check out our Bosch refrigerator reviews before buying a new appliance.

Bosch Refrigerator Reviews

Bosch has always been known for creating some of the world's most innovative appliances. These fridges are built with durability, convenience and quality so every householder will have a choice for reliable food preservation.

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Top-tier models like 800 series fridges can cater to your food's every need with premium freshness settings to optimize humidity and temperatures to keep all things fresher longer. Here, you can see some advanced cooling features that contain certain Bosch refrigerators.

VitaFreshPro: It is an industry-leading temperature and humidity control for keeping meats and helps to produce fresh ever.

FreshProtect: It helps to absorb naturally occurring ethylene to prevent early ripening.

Home Connect: With this feature, your fridge allows you to monitor and control your unit from a smart device.

MultiAirFlow System: It features that maintain consistent and precise temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity.

In this blog, we have updated some models of Bosch refrigerator reviews.


It's a Bosch 800 series stainless steel French door bottom freezer refrigerator. As per our selection, this is one of the best refrigerators due to its stellar performance features as well as elegant design. With the large space, the refrigerator's Bigbox food drawer always contains an ample amount of storage space for large frozen foods like pizza, cake, etc. Moreover, this fridge will save your utility bill with features like EcoMode and HolidayMode.

Bosch 836CL80SNS consists of dual compressors as well as dual evaporators. The refrigerator section has humidity-controlled crispers and a FlexBar for under-utilized space at the rear of the fridge.

Key Features:

  • Humidity & temperature-controlled drawer.
  • Shallow depth at just 27.8 inches.
  • Automatic icemaker and internal water dispenser.
  • Dual compressor refrigerator.
  • Energy Star rated.
  • BigBox frozen food drawer


  • Height: 72"
  • Width: 35.6"
  • Depth: 28.75"

It's cost will be around $3,299.

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If you are in search of the best bang for your buck, this is efficient as it is eco-friendly. Although, the Bosch B20CS30SNS comes with Energy Star qualified certification. As it contains a VitaFreshPro drawer with features precise temperature and humidity controls, keep your food fresher than ever.

SuperFreezing is an automated freezing choice that helps to protect your frozen foods from early defrosting as well as freezes new food quicker and prevents unnecessary energy use. Moreover, this refrigerator is built with a multi-airflow system that distributes cold air evenly throughout the entire refrigerator cavity. You can buy this refrigerator for $2,199.

Key Features:

  • Built-in LED lighting.
  • Counter-depth styling for nearly-flush installation.
  • In-door ice and water dispenser.
  • Multi AirFlow cooling system for even temperatures.
  • SuperCool and SuperFreeze.
  • Automatic ice maker.


  • Height: 69.7 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Depth: 27.5 inches

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If you are looking to the future of food preservation, have a look at this luxurious Bosch counter depth French door refrigerator. It's most effective feature is HomeConnect. It is designed to provide the ultimate control of the unit's current temperature, lighting as well as run up-to-date diagnostics with the help of a smart device. So, it's no matter where you are, you can control your fridge from anywhere.

In this refrigerator, you can get large amounts of capacity with wide gallon door bins, powerful chiller drawer. With the SuperFreeze and SuperCool features, the fridge keeps your foods fresh and frozen for longer without wasting additional energy.

Key Features:

  • Door ajar notification.
  • MultiAirFlow System.
  • Smart capabilities with Home Connect.
  • SuperFreezing and SuperCooling.


This is the slim bottom freezer refrigerator. It has a 24" wide and 11 cubic feet capacity. And, this refrigerator is almost 80" tall. It is designed with a standard stainless steel finish and is ideal for compact kitchen layouts where space is limited.

Although it's a small unit, included many great features such as an ice maker in the freezer, a dual evaporator, electronic controls for temperature management, all-level LED lighting and so on. The unit contains a wine rack and hydro fresh drawer for storing fruits and vegetables longer. It might be priced at $2, 799.

Key Features:

  • All-level LED lighting.
  • Full-width glass shelves with metal trim.
  • Ice maker and Dual evaporator.
  • Energy Star rated.
  • Electronic controls for precise temperature management.

Final Words

In this Bosch refrigerator reviews blog, we focused on the best models as per our selection. So, you can select the suitable one by checking the features, dimensions, etc. However, there are more Bosch refrigerators available in the market if the above models are not suited and find the best based upon your needs.

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