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ge oven troubleshooting

General Electric ovens comes in various gas and electric models. And, built with many features that make the appliance more versatile. But, you may encounter problems with GE ovens occasionally. If your oven does not turn on or food is not baked properly, you need to troubleshoot immediately. If you want to fix the most common GE oven problems yourself, you can follow our troubleshooting tips. With the help of this GE oven troubleshooting guide, you can get back your unit's operation without the need of a repairman.

GE Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Check out our simple and easy fixes to General Electric oven common problems.

GE Oven Won’t Turn ON

If your GE electric oven is not turning on, you can troubleshoot yourself by following these simple steps.

Test the controls

Check the controls for your oven's temperature are set properly. You can check the company's manual which you get with the unit for instructions to set the controls.

Reset the controls

If you want to reset the controls, first switch off the circuit breaker that is controlling your General Electric oven. Wait for a minute and restore the power in the circuit breaker. It may help you to reset the settings which you have used previously by the oven.

Check the power supply

Electric ovens require 240 Volts AC for smooth operation. If you notice that your outlet is not providing sufficient voltage, you have to verify the fuse box and circuit breaker. Check if the blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker might be caused the problem. If there is power at the outlet source, it indicates the problem with the oven itself.

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Inspect the bake element

Examine the baking element that may cause your GE oven won't turn on. If the heating element in the oven has burned out, it will not turn on to begin the operation. So, you need to inspect it. Make sure to turn off the oven as well as the breaker before starting troubleshoot to avoid injuries. You have to verify if the heating element has breaks or cracks. If the bake element is broken or cracked, you should replace it.

GE Oven Can Not Get Out of Locked Door Mode

Self-cleaning GE ovens built with a locking door as a safety feature. A self-cleaning cycle increases the temperature inside of your oven to burn off baked-on foods. The lock helps to securely close the door while the unit is at unsafe temperatures. With this feature, the oven door doesn't open before it reaches a safe temperature. If your GE oven's door is stuck in locked mode, you can troubleshoot yourself to determine the issue and unlock the door.

  1. If there is food inside of the oven, you have to wait until the oven is cool down. Try to unlock the door once it has reached the normal temperature.
  2. Press and hold the latch release button while sliding to the left of the oven. Turn the temperature or set the knob to the clean mode. After that, slide the lock to the left if your oven has knobs.
  3. Switch off the circuit breaker in your home to shut off power to the unit. Leave for a few minutes. Turn the circuit breaker back on and unlock the door.
  4. Press on the "Clear or Off" button to turn off your oven if it locks while baking. Wait until the unit cool down and try to unlock the door.
  5. Tap on the "Self clean" button and set the oven to finish the one-hour cycle by using a number pad. Now, start the cycle. After a minute, tap the "Cleat/ off" button to unlock the door.
  6. Complete a one-hour self-clean cycle on your oven and wait for it to cool down to room temperature. Now, you will unlock the oven door.

If the door is still unlocked, you have to contact a qualified technician to fix the problem.

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Food Does Not Bake Properly

  • Oven controls might be set improperly. So, you should verify in the manual's cooking modes section to know the proper settings.
  • See if the rack is positioned incorrectly. Check and adjust it to the correct position.
  • Improper size or the incorrect cookware is used. You need to use the right size cookware in your oven.
  • Check the oven temperature. You have to adjust the temperature if needed.
  • Verify the ingredient substitution as they can change your recipe outcome.

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GE Oven Error Codes

GE ovens like Profile ovens will display various error codes that indicate the problems with your unit. So, you can identify the problem easily and make a speedy repair.

F0 & F1 - Indicates that the problem is with the keypanel. You need to replace the key panel if necessary.

F2 or F20 - Oven temperature has been extended the preset limit.

F3 and F4- It signals that your oven sensor needs to be replaced.

F5 & F6 - This error code means there is a need for electronic control replacement.

You can see descriptions for other error codes in your reference manual. However, make sure you note that GE appliance error codes vary from model to model.


Why is my GE oven not heating up?

  • There may be a defective heating element.
  • A faulty ignitor could be caused.
  • The damaged thermostat is also caused to your oven not heating up.
  • Your GE oven needs to be calibrated.

How do you reset a GE oven?

  • First, select the "Clear" button on the oven.
  • Switch off the circuit breaker which controls the oven.
  • Wait for a few seconds and turn the power back on to your unit.
  • Set the clock on the oven after completion of reset.

How do you test a GE oven temperature sensor?

Testing the oven temperature sensor is easy. With the temperature sensor, you have to measure the resistance between two prongs at end of the sensor connector. The resistance must read approximately 1080 – 1090 ohms at room temperature. If you didn't get that reading, you need to replace the sensor.


However, you can extend the life of your GE oven with regular maintenance. You should always keep the oven clean inside. Hope this GE profile oven troubleshooting guide helped you while solving the basic problems. Sometimes, you need to replace the GE oven parts. PartsIPS offers General Electric parts so you can order here.

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