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dacor oven troubleshooting

Dacor is a high-end brand bought by many customers who demand quality in their home appliances. Dacor ovens are designed elegantly, built tough, and easy to use. But even the greatest appliances may have problems from time to time. So, find out the common Dacor oven problems and some of the causes of problems. Take a look at our Dacor oven troubleshooting guide once.

How to Troubleshoot a Dacor Oven?

Here, you can get the troubleshooting tips to fix the basic problems of your Dacor oven.

Dacor Oven Not Heating

Your Dacor oven will not heat up because of several potential causes, i.e., from power issues to parts malfunctions. Check out a few common reasons behind the Dacor oven not heating issue.

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Power Issues

Due to power problems, your oven might not be heating up. Even gas ovens need power for certain functions to work. So, check whether your unit getting electricity or not.

  • Make sure the oven is plugged into a working power outlet.
  • Ensure the outlet voltage. Electric ovens require 240 volts outlet while gas ovens need a 120V outlet.
  • Check for tripped circuit breakers. If it is tripped, it should be repositioned to restore power to the unit. Also, verify the fuse. If the fuse has blown, you have to replace it.

Thermostat Requires Calibration

You should allow the Dacor oven enough time to fully preheat before starting the cooking. If you didn't allow it to preheat to the desired temperature, the oven can result in uneven cooking or longer cooking times.

Your oven's heat can fluctuate while cooking even after fully preheating. It might be with thermostat failure. The thermostat in the oven works with a temperature sensor to maintain heat at the preheated temperature. In some cases, the thermostat requires calibration to improve its accuracy and better reflecting the set temperature.

You can test for whether the thermostat needs to be calibrated. Bake a batch of regular biscuits by following the instructions on the package and inspect the result. If biscuits came out undercooked or cooked unevenly, you may require to recalibrate the oven's thermostat. Refer to the owner's Dacor oven manual to get the right calibration process for your unit's model. In most cases, you can recalibrate the thermostat up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit for better accuracy.

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Defective Bake Element

In electric ovens, the bake element provides the majority of heat for cooking. This element is located at the bottom of the unit and the coil contains wires that receive power once a temperature is set. Since the wires in the coil receive the current, they heat the coil to bake food. The baking element should produce consistent heat and an uninterrupted red glow.

If the bake element is damaged, your oven heating up slowly or not at all. But, in some situations, a self-cleaning function of the oven can affect the bake element. So, many oven maintenance tips recommend following the alternative cleaning methods to avoid this bake element damage. Cracks/ breaks, blistering, and inconsistent red glow are the signs that indicate a defective bake element. You need to replace the defective bake element as it can't be repaired.

Igniter Not Working

A defective igniter is often caused for a gas Dacor oven not heating. Usually, the igniter opens the valve that allows gas to flow by using electricity. Then, produces an electrical spark to light the gas. Over time, the oven's igniter turned too weak to either open the gas valve or light the gas. To know if this is the case, you need to observe it after turning on the Dacor oven. If it does not spark or takes more time to light the gas, consider that as defective and replace it immediately.

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Convection Fan Motor Failure

Your oven uses a convection fan to circulate the oven's warm air. If the motor of the convection fan has failed, the fan will not circulate the hot air and won't operate. When this situation appears, food can take a long time to cook or cook unevenly. You need to examine the fan motor problems.

The fan blades should not be obstructed and rotate freely. If you didn't found any obstructions, then you need to test the motor with a multimeter for continuity. Lack of continuity in the motor means, it has failed and require to be replaced.

Dacor Oven Control Board Problems

Because of Dacor oven control panel problems, your unit might not be getting heat. The control board of the oven has relays that are used for sending voltage to the bake as well as broil circuits. This voltage is controlled by the user settings when the oven is in working condition. The failed control board does not send the correct voltage to the heating elements.

However, it's not a common problem for Dacor ovens but it is possible. If you have tested all components which are required basically, it is time to consider the control panel. It may be difficult to diagnose and fix the problem so, better to call a professional.


We hope that this Dacor oven troubleshooting guide has offered all of the help and information that you need to diagnose and fix your unit's common problems. If you are not able to fix it, don't be discouraged. As home appliances are sophisticated machines, it can be tough to know and solve the issues that occur over time. If you need some more help, contact a local appliance repair technician.

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