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maytag oven troubleshooting

Maytag ovens have become extremely popular with many advanced features. Sometimes, the customers are struggling with the Maytag oven problems. If you are one of them, we are sharing the tips on Maytag oven troubleshooting with you. You can follow these instructions to fix your common Maytag oven issues and get it back running soon.

Maytag Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Is your Maytag oven not heating or control panel not working? Check the simple solutions.

Maytag Oven/ Range Not Heating

If your Maytag oven is not heating, you have to check the following:

Power Issues

When your oven is not heating, the problem is with the power source. Electric ovens need a higher voltage outlet to receive adequate power while even gas ovens also require electricity to ignite. Here are a few checks of power sources that can rule out the power problems.

  • Make sure your oven is plugged into the 240 volts outlet source. If you are using a gas oven, it should be connected to a 120V outlet.
  • Maintain direct access to an outlet without the use of any extension cords.
  • Check the power cords for damages.
  • Provide a dedicated circuit for your Maytag oven.
  • Make sure the circuit breaker of the oven has not tripped or fuse should not be blown.

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Oven needs to be Calibrated

If your oven is experiencing temperature problems, you have to consider that the oven is not getting enough hot for the temperature you set. To avoid this issue, you need to calibrate the heat of the oven so it will meet your expectations for temperature settings and cooking time. This calibration involves lowering or raising the range's heat by degrees.

Usually, each model has a different method for calibrating. So, it's recommended you refer to the manufacturer's manual instructions while calibrating your oven.

Blown Thermal Fuse

If the thermal fuse has blown, your oven is not heating at all. The thermal fuse is a protective feature that trips when the Maytag oven overheats. A tripped thermal fuse shuts off power to the range and caused the oven to not heating. If the fuse trips when overheating, consider that it is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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Defective Heating Element

A Maytag electric oven has two heating elements, i.e., at the top and bottom of the unit. While the top element is used for boiling, the bottom heating element provides heat for all other functions. You have to check for issues with heating elements. Here are some signs that indicate the heating element is defective.

  • Longer preheating time.
  • The heating element is not glowing red when the oven is ON.
  • Food is under or overcooked on the bottom.
  • Element has damaged or burnt spots.

A defective heating element typically results that it has burned out or a lack of power. If multimeter testing results in a lack of continuity when you test, you will need to replace the heating element.

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Igniter Not Working

If your gas oven is not heating up properly, there may be a malfunctioning of the igniter. The igniter uses electricity to heat up the oven, open the gas valve, and sending gas to the burner. Each time, the igniter works constantly when you operate the oven. However, over time the igniter can wear out.

If it malfunctions, it does not take enough electricity to open the gas valve or no longer draws electricity at all. Test the igniter with a multimeter. If you notice either of these cases, consider that the igniter is faulty and you need to replace it.

Spark Electrode in Gas Oven is Defective

As the igniter heats up and opens the gas valve, the spark electrode also heating up through electricity. Once it reaches a sufficient temperature, the electrode creates a spark and ignites the gas as it flows to the burner. Check the defective spark electrode for damage. If it is doesn't produce a spark to light the burner, then you have to replace it.

If the spark electrode appears normal and your oven goes off after igniting, there might be a problem with its power outlet. So, you need to check the grounding and polarity of the outlet to know if it is delivering power properly.

Maytag Oven Control Panel Not Working

Many Maytag ovens have an electric control panel that makes it easy to program various cycles including cooking and cleaning, set precise oven temperatures, and lock the panel for safety purposes. If your oven's control panel is not working, follow the below.

Check the power supplies. First, you have to inspect the power outlet that you are connected to and ensure the unit is connected to a 240V power outlet. If it is a gas oven, it should be connected to 120V. Ensure that the power outlet is completely operational and there are no fluctuations in the voltage. If the outlet is working properly, verify the power cables. If there are any damages internally or externally, you must replace the cables.

Inspect the circuit breaker and it should not be fused. The circuit breakers may get fused with voltage fluctuations. Before replacing the fused breaker, check for tripping. If the circuit breaker is tripped, you can reset it then your oven will work fine.

As the control panel is designed with a control lock function, you need to check for the control lock feature is switched on. If it is switched on, you are unable to use the panel. So, you should switch off the control lock function. Push the control lock button for three seconds to reset and will start working.

Try resetting the power. To reset, switch off the circuit breaker for at least one minute and then again on.

If none of the above are solved the issue, the control panel's assembly is short. To fix the short control panel problem, you need to hire a technician.

Final Thoughts

We hope our Maytag oven troubleshooting tips save time and money as well. For further more assistance, you can verify the owner's manual. When you are not able to fix the issue, call a technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

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