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maytag stove troubleshooting

Maytag stoves are not much different from other brand stoves or ranges when it comes to malfunctioning. All types of model stoves have similar problems with the electric and gas burners goes out at inconvenient times. Coming to the Maytag stove troubleshooting, initially, you must diagnose the exact problem. If you need to know the solutions for common Maytag stove problems, keep reading this post.

Maytag Stove Troubleshooting Guide

Check out the common Maytag stove problems and possible fixes.

Gas Burner Won’t Light

If your gas stove burner is not igniting, then consider that there may be a few things going wrong. You have to observe what happens when you are trying to light the gas burner. Normally, you will hear a click sound and be able to gas smell coming out of the valves.

If you are getting gas smell but not hearing any clicking noise, there might be an issue with the ignition switch. If you hear clicking but don't smell gas, the issue could lie with the gas flow.

To fix this problem, turn the Maytag burner off and unplug it if you can. After that, you need to remove the grate and burner cap. Clean out any food debris and check for loose wires. Any wires that may have come loose, need to reconnect.

If the above basic troubleshooting didn't help you to fix the issue, you need to do some fixes on your gas connection. Sometimes, there is need for a new igniter.

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maytag stove range oven igniter

Gas Burner is Heating Slowly

In some situations, a slow heating stove or cooktop may create a major issue whatever model you have. If you are using a gas stove, the issue might because of the burner openings being clogged with debris. If your cooktop is leaving the flame as small and weak, don't worry, you can fix it easily with the whole stovetop thorough clean.

Turn off the appliance and remove the grates as well as burner caps. Soak grates and burner caps in soapy hot water. Using a stiff brush, you have to scrub the surfaces. Wipe down the surface of the stove with the damp sponge as well. With the toothpick, you should remove food or any debris from the gas valves. You can use baking soda and vinegar paste to clean the appliance daily.

Electric Burner Won’t Heat

First, you have to check whether one burner has an issue or all other burners having problems. If all remaining burners are not heating properly, then you need to consider that there may be an electrical problem. So, it’s better to call a repair person or professional to fix the problem with your stove/ cooktop.

If just one coil/ burner is not producing heat properly, check for the connection, make sure it is firmly plugged into the stove. Try swap another coil in place of the broken coil on your cooktop and check whether it is heating properly or not. If there is no issue with the new coil, the only issue is with a coil. Hence, you need to replace that broken or damaged coil.

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maytag stove cooktop burner assembly

Induction Element Won’t Heat

For induction cooktops, you must use induction-compatible pans. If you are using an induction stove and are not heat up, check whether the pan you are using is induction compatible or not.

As induction works by heating the pan directly, you should need special and ferromagnetic pans for your stove or cooktop to work properly. So, you should know what types of pan will work and will not work with the cooktop and select an appropriate one.

Gas Stovetop Keeps Clicking

Some clicking is normal when you switch on your stove. If that clicking is continuing long after the burner is lit or prevents the burner from lighting, it will become faulty. When something is blocking the burner, usually this type of problem will occur. Ensure that there is no debris blocking the burner holes and the burner cap has not been knocked out of place.

If your burner is not a sealed burner on the Maytag stove, food can easily get stuck in the gas grate. So, you will need to remove it with a paperclip or slim metal object.

Even after following the above fixes, if clicking noise continues, it may be due to excess moisture trapped in the appliance. Keep a fan or toweling off the stovetop at the cooking surface to soak extra water or grease that may have spilled.

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maytag stove infinite switch element

Electric Stove Element Will Not Turn ON

When the electric element is burned out, it will not turn on your Maytag stove. But a bad element is just one of several things that could be wrong with the stove.

There can be a faulty receptacle. If it has a plug-in element, remove it and inspect the plug ends as well as receptacle. You have to replace the electric element and receptacle if there is a lot of burning and scratching.

Another possibility is a burned-out infinite switch. When the infinite switch is turned on, test the voltage at the two terminals that connect to the element.

maytag stove Main glass cooktop

Wrap Up

With these Maytag stove troubleshooting tips, your stove will run up again. If still your cooktop/ stovetop needs a major fix, you can contact a professional. When Maytag parts replacement required, choose our PartsIPS store to get OEM components.

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