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How To Clean Amana Dishwasher Filter?

Amana is a sub-brand of the whirlpool corp and is popular for producing reliable washers and driers. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary for any kitchen appliance and is the same with your Amana dishwasher as well. As the dishwasher is being regularly used, over some time the dishwasher filter gathers a lot of food particles and debris that can affect the efficient functioning of the washer. This may result in unhygienic interiors of the washer. So, here is the step-wise process explained on how to clean the Amana dishwasher filter.

Table of Contents

1. The Function of Dishwater Filter

2. Why Clean the Dishwasher Filter?

3. Amana Dishwasher Filter System

4. Amana Dishwasher Filter Cleaning

a) Locating and Removing the Filter

b) Cleaning of the Filter

c) Re-Installing the Filter

5. Conclusion


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The Function of Dishwater Filter

Usually, the dishwashers are designed in such a way that the water combined with detergent circulates throughout the appliance cleaning the dishes. As the water cleans the dishes by removing food and stains, the filter grabs these food particles by not letting them again mix with the water that is circulating.

Why Clean the Dishwasher Filter?

With the regular use of the dishwasher, its filter gets saturated with food waste. When this happens it loses the ability to filter the food waste. This results in dirty water circulation over the dishes repeatedly. Eventually, the plates and other utensils may not get cleaned properly as they are meant to be. Not only the dishes but also the whole internal compartment of the dishwasher smells bad and icky. That is the reason why we should clean the dishwasher filter regularly so that it operates at its optimum level.

So, when you see the food chunks and soil stuck around in the cylindrical filter if your dishes feel gritty to touch or your washer starting to smell bad, it's time to clean the filter.

Amana Dishwasher Filter System

Amana dishwashers come with a triple filter system. This triple filter system consists of two parts. They are an upper filter assembly and a lower filter. While  The upper assembly filters the food particles, the lower one avoids food from recirculating and making the dishes dirty. The upper filter is a cylindrical system which fits into the lower filter plate through the circular hole that is made into it.

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Amana Dishwasher Filter Cleaning

a) Locating and Removing the Filter

To clean the dishwasher filter, first, you need to locate the filter. It is at the bottom of the dishwasher below the racks. After finding the filter, check whether it needs to be cleaned or not with the indications given earlier. If it needs to be cleaned, it's time to pull it out. To remove the cylindrical filter we should turn it a quarter the anticlockwise and pull it upward. Then we should hold the filter plate through the hole from which the cylindrical filter is removed.

b) Cleaning of the Filter

Now it's very important to note that we should not use wire scrubs or hard brushes to clean the filter as they may damage the filter and reduce its effectiveness to filter out the waste. To start cleaning you can place the cylindrical filter under an open tap and let it clean the debris. Do the same with the plate filter too. By rinsing with tap water you will see that major food particles and debris are gone.

Now to clean the soil and oil stains that are left on the filters you can make a vinegar solution with water and vinegar and then dip both the cylindrical and flat filter plate in the solution. Leave them in the solution for a few minutes and then clean the filter again by keeping them under an open tap. This will make sure the greasiness on the filters is gone. Now you can clean the filters with a dry cloth.

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c) Re-Installing the Filter

As the filter is properly cleaned now, we need to reinstall it back into the dishwasher from where we disassembled it. So, first put back the flat plate filter in its position such that the hole of it matches the hole that is made to the bottom of the tub. Then put the cylindrical filter into the hole of the flat plate filter and turn it clockwise to a point of finger tight.


Now your Amana dishwasher is as good as new and ready to use. However regular cleaning of the filter in the same manner as explained will enhance the performance of your dishwasher and makes the cleaning proper and hygenic. Thus, this is the process of cleaning of Amana dishwasher filter, and hope our post helps you in making your dishwasher clean.


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