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dacor refrigerator troubleshooting

Sometimes even the best appliances like the Dacor refrigerator may need some extra care to prevent Problems. It's not often that Dacor appliances break down. But, sometimes they got damaged. However, we have provided simple Dacor refrigerator troubleshooting tips. Try to follow these things and fix yourself before calling a technician to save money as well as time.

Dacor Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide

Here, you can check a few solutions to fix common Dacor fridge problems.

Refrigerator will Not Operate

  • Check whether the power supply cord is unplugged. If it is unplugged, make sure to plug it into a grounded 3-prong outlet.
  • See if the circuit breaker or household fuse is tripped. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker if necessary.
  • Ensure the main power switch is ON.
  • You have to verify that the control panel power is off. Check the settings of your unit.
  • Check for the refrigerator defrosting. You have to recheck to see if your unit is operating in 30 minutes. Remember that your refrigerator will regularly run an automatic defrost cycle.
  • Check if the fridge is not cooling. If it has cooling issue, turn the power on the refrigerator OFF then ON back to reset. Once refer to the controls setting. If the reset process isn't solved the cooling issue, you can call for service.

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Temperature is Too Warm

Check whether air vents are blocked in any of the compartments. If cold air movement is obstructed between the compartments, then your fridge or freezer does not cool. You should remove any objects from in front of the air vents. Also, know the proper air circulation details.

See if the door is opened often. If your door is open regularly, then your unit gets warm. So, you have to close the door as soon as possible by keeping the required items out at one time.

Check for there might be a large amount of food added to the refrigerator. If you keep a large amount of food, it may take several hours to return to the normal temperature.

Motor Runs Too Much

  • You have to check the room temperature that is hotter than normal. The motor will run longer under warm conditions. At normal room temperatures, expect your unit's motor to run about 80% of the time. Under warmer conditions, your fridge will run more than normal.
  • A large amount of food is also caused for this excess motor running. So, check and try to avoid the large amount of load.
  • Ensure that the refrigerator door is closed as soon as possible.
  • Set the control settings properly.
  • Check if the doors are not closed completely or correctly. Make sure to close all doors securely. If the doors are not closed completely, try replacing the door latch.
  • Verify the condenser coils. If they are dirty, obstructs air transfer and makes the motor work harder. So, you must clean condenser coils by following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Inspect whether the door gaskets are sealed or not all the way around.

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Interior Moisture Buildup

  • Check if the air vents are blocked in your refrigerator. Don't keep any objects in front of the vents. Make sure to remove the objects from in front of air vents if any placed.
  • Ensure that the door will be closed properly. Prevent the humidity by getting all items out at one time.
  • Inspect that the room is humid. It is normal for moisture build-up inside the fridge when the room air is humid.
  • Check that all food items are securely wrapped. You must wipe off damp food containers before placing them in the refrigerator.
  • Verify for the controls set correctly for the surrounding environment.
  • You have to see for a self-defrost cycle is completed. It is normal for droplets to form after the refrigerator self-defrosts.

Refrigerator Doors will Not Close Completely

  • Are food packages blocking the refrigerator door open? If it is, you have to rearrange the food containers or dishes properly so that they fit more tightly and takes less space in the fridge.
  • Check the position of the ice bin. If it is out of position, push the bin in all way. If the ice bin does not go in all the way, consider that it might not be kept straight. Then, pull the ice bin out and try again.
  • Verify the positions of pans, shelves, bins, or baskets. Arrange the crisper cover, bins, shelves, baskets, and all pans into their correct positions.
  • If your unit seems to be unstable, you should level it. You can check the details on how to adjust doors and level refrigerator in the installation section of the owner's manual.

If the doors are difficult to open, check for gaskets are sticky and dirty. Make sure to clean the gaskets according to the directions provided in the manual.

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Ice Maker Not Producing Ice or Not Enough Ice

  • If you installed the Dacor refrigerator newly, the ice bin will take around three to four days to fill completely.
  • Check whether the freezer temperature is set to enough for producing ice. Wait for one day after ice maker hookup for ice production. Verify the controls setting in the manual.
  • See the icemaker ON/ OFF control button position. That might be set to the OFF position. If it is at OFF, you need to switch it to the ON position.
  • Ensure to turn on the water valve if the water line shutoff valve to your refrigerator is turned on.
  • Make sure your fridge has been connected to a water supply and that the supply shutoff valve should be turned on.
  • You need to remove the ice from the ejector's arm with a plastic utensil if an ice cube is stuck in the maker's ejector arm.
  • Check the filter. The water filter might be clogged or installed incorrectly. So, have a look at the filter's installation instructions to ensure that was installed correctly. Be sure, the filter is not clogged. If neither installation nor clogging is not a problem, contact a service technician.


Why is my fridge not self defrosting?

If your refrigerator is not defrosting, there might be a defective defrost thermostat. The defrost heater turns on many times in a day to melt away the frost developed on the evaporator coil. This defrost heater is connected to a thermostat.

How do I know if my refrigerator compressor is not working?

Pull your refrigerator from the wall slightly and listen to the kicking sound closely. If the unit's motor is running with a slight humming noise but the temperature is above the normal range, then consider that there could be a problem with the compressor.

Why does fridge make knocking?

You can hear this sound in the refrigerator from the compressor or condenser fan. This is mainly because of the fan becoming blocked from a build-up of dust reducing air flow that resulting in a knocking or clicking noise.


After all, your refrigerator is one of the biggest and most important appliances in your kitchen. Dacor refrigerators have unique features that work to your advantage. So, when your fridge is not running correctly, diagnose the issue and try to fix it quickly. We hope our Dacor refrigerator troubleshooting blog helps you more to resolve the common issues.

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