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danby portable washer troubleshooting

Occasionally a problem may arise in your Danby portable washer that is minor in nature and a service call may not be necessary. Some issues are easy fixes and others may require the service of a professional. However, with a little bit of troubleshooting, you will be able to at least have an idea where the problem has existed. Use this Danby portable washer troubleshooting guide for possible solutions. Here, we have updated the solutions to fix Danby washer common problems. Let's see the basic Danby washer troubleshooting guide. 

Danby Portable Washer Troubleshooting

If your washer is not responding when turning it on, it is a simple fix. See some of our easy solutions to fix this issue.

Washing Machine Doesn’t Turn On

Not plugged In

The first step is to check the plug socket. The plug might be loose. Make sure the unit is plugged in firmly and there are no exposed wiring problems. If all these are fine, but still not working, plug in other appliances to determine whether the problem is with the circuit breaker or fuse. You can try to plug the portable washer into another socket and verify if that socket helps.

Issues with power cord

You have to see the power cord of the Danby portable washing machine for faults. If you notice that any exposed wires or heavily frayed areas, you will need to replace them. If you are unable to do the replacement, contact an electrician.

Door or lid is not closed

Washing machines are designed to stop working when the lid is open. So, you have to check the lid or door switch on your unit. This switch is a small plastic one located under the lid. The machine's door/ lid should be closed in order for the switch to activate. Check if the lid switch is properly positioned and in good working condition.

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Portable Washer Not Draining Properly

Drainage issues in portable washing machines are almost caused by obstructions that prevent water from moving or because of a faulty pump. You can check if the pump is operating without dismantling the unit. Wait until it close to the end of the wash when the water should be emptying out. If you observe the pump turn on sound and attempt to drain the drum, then consider that is not faulty. You need to replace the pump if you didn't find it.

Before buying a new pump, you can check for blockages on the existing one. It's easier for small objects such as hair clips and coins to get obstructed in the drain pump's filter.

Open the washer's back panel and look at near the bottom of it for a component that is connected to two large hoses. Once you have found it, remove the pump and inspect it for blockages. You should remove debris or lint that causes to clog later. If the drain pump got damaged, probably it needs replacement. In addition to this, you will have to verify your home's drainage.

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Washer Makes Noise

Your washing machine makes a loud noise because of the uneven surface. For instance, loose floorboards underneath the unit can rattle as the appliance vibrates and may sound a lot of noise. If this is the case for your machine, try moving it to a better place and position. You can select the sheet of wood or hard plastic to get the best results.

If the issue is not fixed by changing the place, check if your washer is positioned close to other surfaces like the wall.

Next, check the bearings as they eventually degrade. Worn bearings caused for drum banging around and make unusual noises. To determine this, verify the interior of the machine. The inner drum must move a small distance away from the outer one.

Unbalanced load - When there is no correct balance load of clothes, your machine makes extra sounds.

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Danby Portable Washer Not Spinning

Certain types of portable washers have a sensor that indicates the unit how much power is required to spin the present load. As the load weight varies in each wash, these types of washing machines should have the capability to adjust their settings and spin with a certain amount of force. Overloading will easily trip this spin sensor and cause to fail the spin correctly. If the washer is overloaded, remove some clothes and leave them for some time to reset. Then, you can try the cycle again with the proper load.

Check the door condition. If the door is damaged, the washer won't function correctly. In general, the spin will start when the door is sealed and watertight. If the unit does not get this signal, it can't start a cycle. It may stop short of spinning even begin the wash cycle. You can just check for tears in the door's rubber latch where water could leak out.

There might be a drainage problem. Your washer is failed to spin because it is still filled with water and there is probably a blockage somewhere. You can simply detach the drainage tube and remove any obstructions manually. You should put the drainage tube in the correct place where there is no integrated drainage system.

Still, your problem persists, check the drain tube. Try to straighten it because kinks and bends obstruct the water from moving. Ensure that there are no obstructions in the pump.


In this blog, we have discussed the common problems that can affect your washer efficiency. These Danby portable washing machines require low maintenance to work efficiently and fix the issues even with basic troubleshooting experience. We hope this guide useful for you. If you still have any further queries on Danby washer troubleshooting, you can check in your owner's manual or contact an authorized technician.

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