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Dacor Gas Cooktop Troubleshooting - PartsIPS


Dacor cooktops are ideal for smaller kitchens to organize the space. As the cooktop is not a part of an oven, you can install the cooktop anywhere in the kitchen and save the space that you do have. However, the brand is not a matter, every cooktop may experience problems that impact it’s ability to operate properly. Such Dacor cooktop problems might affect your cooking results. So, it's important to solve them as quickly as possible. If you have owned a Dacor gas cooktop and looking to troubleshoot it, this is the right place. Here, you can get a guide on Dacor gas cooktop troubleshooting.

Dacor Gas Cooktop Troubleshooting

Check out the Dacor gas cooktop common problems and their troubleshooting tips. Here, we have updated the simple Dacor gas cooktop troubleshooting tips that help you fix the issue quickly.

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Cooktop Doesn’t Work

Your gas cooktop may occasionally fails to work. Mostly, it may due to power issues. So, you need to check for a proper power supply. See if the cooktop's power cord is plugged into the electrical outlet. If the power outlet doesn't seem to be working, you have to verify the electrical fuses and circuit breaker by turning on the power.

When the issue is raised at the fuse or circuit breaker, try replacing blown fuses and resetting the circuit breaker. If there is no problem with the circuit breaker or fuse, but not restored power to the electrical outlet, then contact your local power company and check for power outage in your area.

Burner Has No Flame

If your cooktop's gas burners failed to produce a flame, then you will have a look at igniters to check if they are sparking. You can determine them with a clicking sound. If igniters are working properly, they make sure makes a click sound. You can't able to hear clicking if the igniters do not spark so they need to be cleaned and dried. Also, clean the burner assembly. When no problem identified with the igniters, but still the burner has no flame, check if the gas supply is turned to the appliance. Verify if the gas supply valve is in the on position, adjust as per need.

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Burner Produces Large, Yellow or Erratic Flame

As the result of dirty/ clogged burner parts, your cooktop's gas burners will produce flames that are extremely large or distorted or yellow. So, you should clean the burner components by taking the burners apart and using a stiff toothbrush to clean away any dirt or debris. You must be gentle because the cooktop's burner parts can be very fragile.

You can use rubbing alcohol for dissolving stubborn dirt. If there are clogs in the burner heads, use a straight pin, a straightened paper clip or a small length of the wire to gently remove them.

When you are done removing clogs, rinse all burner components with water and dry them thoroughly. If still, your cooktop burner flames are erratic, then check whether burner parts are placed securely or not as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Although, your burner flame might be large as well as distorted if the appliance was converted for the wrong type of gas. So, it's the best way to consult a local technician to inspect that the cooktop was set properly. Check the regulator as well.

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Igniters Spark after Flame has Ignited

Sometimes, your cooktop will continue to spark or create clink sounds even after the flame has ignited. However, it's not unusual for the igniters for continuing to spark for a minute if the cooktop's burner is cold, particularly if it is set to low.

Air drafts present in the kitchen also caused to distort flame that results in the igniters will spark continuously.

So, you can clear it by closing the cooktop nearby windows. Minimizing the draft may solve your problem. Moreover, the flame could be affected due to wet or dirty burner and igniter. Hence, all parts of the Dacor cooktop burner should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before turning it on. Burner parts positions are also important to solve this problem. Make sure all these parts are installed as per the owner’s manual.

In addition to the above, you have to check if the power supply polarity is reversed. If does, you need to contact an electrician to check the electrical outlet.

To keep your Dacor cooktop at it's best operating condition, make sure to clean it after every use. Quickly wipe up spills that occur while you are cooking. Regular cleaning of the Dacor cooktop's burners helps to ensure that your appliance operated properly.


It is common for all cooktops, not only for Dacor appliances to start getting problems. Hence, it doesn't necessary to replace your cooktop. We hope you learned something about Dacor gas cooktop troubleshooting. You can get more Dacor cooktop troubleshooting steps in the manual which you receive at the time of appliance buying.

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