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Danby is a HVAC Systems manufacturer well known to produce decent Air Conditioners. Danby air conditioners are very familiar to many households for their energy-efficient functioning. Danby makes both high-end and affordable models. Thus, everybody can have their pick from Danby's multiple models. The important thing that has to be done after purchasing the Danby AC is its installation! So, here is the detailed procedure for Danby air conditioner installation.

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Danby Air Conditioner Installation

Types of Danby Air Conditioners

There are majorly three types of Danby Air conditioners. They are:

Portable Air Conditioner

This type of Danby air conditioner is a compact and enclosed model. The name of the type itself indicates that they are portable i.e they can be transported where ever we want easily. You can move them to any room in your house whenever needed. There is not much installation to be done for this model. You just have to put the exhaust pipe out through the window and seal the surrounding part of the window so as not to let the air passage.

Window Air Conditioner

This kind of model is fixed into a window of a room such that the cooling unit faces inside the room and the condenser part stays outside. This is a compact arrangement through the air conditioner where the cooling unit and the condenser unit stay together. The installation for this model is simple. We just have to place it on the window such that half of the ac is inside and the other half stays out and the other part of the window should be tightly air-sealed.

Through the Wall Air Conditioner

Now, this model comes with two separate units one is the cooling unit and the other one is the compressor & condenser unit. We need to fix them at different positions and then do the necessary attachments. Hence it needs a more detailed explanation. So, let's go into the procedure of this Danby air conditioner installation.

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Setting up the Indoor Unit

First, you need to select the right position on the wall in your room which should be a minimum of 7 feet high from the ground and has enough space around it for the free passage of air.

Now at the place selected fix the mounting plate to the wall. First, ensure the plate that it is horizontally and vertically level, and then fix it by drilling the holes and fixing the screws.

Now make a hole through the wall so that the pipes that are to be connected to the outside unit will go through. Then put the pipes through the wall.  Check the electrical connections of the unit well and then we need to mount the indoor unit on the mounting plate fixed earlier to the wall. It is simple. We just have to insert the male screws into the female slots of the unit. Then the unit sits properly on the wall.

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Setting up the Outdoor Unit

Now it's time to fix the outdoor unit which is a condenser unit. Select a position that should not exceed 50 feet from the hole that we have drilled into the wall. This will make sure the lengths of the pipes will be enough to connect both units. As for the indoor unit look for a spacious position so that there is air passage around the unit.

Then lay a concrete bed for the unit on the ground if you are not fixing it to the wall. Place four anchor screws on the bed for the unit to sit properly a few centimeters above the concrete base.

Then attach the pipes of the air conditioner unit through the hole drilled. Ensure the copper pipes are well insulated and the electrical wires are well connected.

Ensure to fix the pipes to the walls using clams and close the hole openings of the walls with polyurethane foam this will make sure that the air leakage won't happen


However, after installation check the proper function of the air conditioner, and in case of any improper function contact the expert to fix the issue. Hope our explanation of How to install a Danby air conditioner helps you in the process of making your home cool.


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