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danby dcf401w troubleshooting

The Danby Chest Freezer is a great choice for storing extra food that doesn’t fit in your refrigerator freezer. If your Danby Chest Freezer DCF401W has any issues or stops working, it is important to be able to fix it right away. If you do the Danby DCF401W troubleshooting quickly, you can reduce food waste. Here, we have updated a few troubleshooting tips for common Danby chest freezer problems, take a look at this post.

Danby DCF401W Troubleshooting Tips

Freezer Doesn’t Work

If your Danby chest freezer does not seem to be working, check whether the unit is plugged into the outlet. Test the outlet by plugging any other device’s power cord. If that appliance doesn't work either, you need to consider that the problem is with your outlet, not with the freezer. If that appliance is working, you have to go through other troubleshooting methods.

You need to verify the circuit breaker at the main breaker box. If it is tripped, you need to reset the circuit breaker. Moreover, check whether the wrong voltage is being used. You must use the proper voltage.

Inspect the relay and make sure it is not burned out. You can test the relay with a multimeter. If you notice any signs that the relay has shorted out, you have to replace it. A rattling sound when shaken is also a sign for the relay has shorted out.

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Chest Freezer Runs Continuously

There are several reasons for your freezer operates continuously.

  • The temperature control might be set too low. So, check and adjust the temperature control to heat mode.
  • Check for the lid is not closed. Make sure the lid is securely tightened. Package may be holding lid open or baskets overlapping at corners.
  • You may insert hot food. Make sure food is at room temperature before inserting it into the freezer.
  • The lid is opened too often or too long. You should minimize the lid opening or duration of the opening.
  • Your freezer might be closed to direct light or any other heat source. Be sure the unit doesn't close to a heat source or direct sunlight.

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Internal Temperature Not Cold Enough

  • There may be no power to the freezer. So, you have to verify the connection of power cord to power source. Check whether the power cord is unplugged. Make sure the unit is plugged in.
  • See if the temperature is set too high. Verify the setting and change accordingly.
  • The lid should be closed securely and properly.
  • If you are opening the lid too often or too long, reduce the lid open time.
  • Airflow obstruction is also caused for internal temperature not cold enough. You will allow the room for air to circulate around your Danby freezer.
  • Make sure, you have to use correct voltage if there wrong voltage being used.
  • Do not place the freezer close to the direct sunlight or heat sources.

Excessive Frost Build Up

  • A package may be holding the lid open. Opening lid excessively or left open for too long.
  • The freezer might not be plugged in.
  • An outlet may not be working properly or the fuse is burned out.
  • The package is holding the lid open and the lid is being opened excessively or for too long.

Danby Freezer is Too Warm

  • Temperature control is set too low. You need to adjust and wait for few hours for the temperature to stabilize.
  • Freezer door is opening many times for a long period.
  • A large amount of hot food has been stored that requiring time to cool down again.
  • The unit may be disconnected recently so that it needs time to cool down.
  • Check if the lid is open slightly.

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Freezer Operates Too Long

  • The temperature control could be set on too high setting.
  • If your freezer is maintaining a uniform temperature, it will operate too long.
  • Room or outside temperature can be hot so your freezer would work harder than normal under these conditions.
  • You might be stored a large amount of warm food in the unit.
  • Check the lid to open slightly.
  • A worn, dirty, cracked or poorly fitted gasket may be the reason behind this problem. So, you will need to change or clean the gasket. Leaks in the door seal would cause your unit to run longer in order to maintain the required temperature.

Danby DCF401W Makes Noise

  • Your freezer may vibrate if the compressor is on.
  • Check the cabinet is positioned correctly. Uneven position also caused excess noise.
  • If the surrounding noise level is low, you can hear the compressor running. This is normal as the freezer requires high-efficiency compressors.
  • Verify if your floor is weak or uneven. If so, you need to change the place of the freezer.


Troubleshooting basic Danby DCF401W problems is easy with this guide. Hopefully, your fix is just as easy. Still, if you face any issues with your freezer, you can refer to the Danby chest freezer manual. Otherwise, contact an appliance repair person. Stay in touch with us to get more troubleshooting blogs on home & kitchen appliances.

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