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Appliance Cleaner SUMMIT BRANDS Washing Machine Cleaner - Part# WMMAGIC

SUMMIT BRANDS Washing Machine Cleaner WMMAGIC Washer Magic with a NEW concentrated formula. Summi
Fits in Models
SUMMIT BRANDS Washing Machine Cleaner WMMAGIC Washer Magic with a NEW concentrated formula. Summit Washer Magic keeps washing machines working their best. Washer Magic eliminates the "musty smelling laundry effect" brought on by dirty washing machines. Washer Magic is recommended by many washing machine manufacturers and suitable for all makes and models. ● Now with Spring Rain Scent ● Cleans away harmful mildew ● Freshens by removing odour causing residue ● Maintains by eliminating mineral built-up 3rd party lab tests show that Washer Magic is: ● Effective on removal of hard water or rust stains built ups ● Almost THREE times more effective for soap and old detergent residue removal than other products The liquid formula of Washer Magic cleans also the front load Rubber Seal without damaging and automatically cleans the detergent dispenser as well as existing odour and build-up problems in less time.
18001079, 18001080, C-WM0612N, SMELLYW, WM06N, WX10X10201, WX10X10208
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Exceeded my expectations
I ordered washingmachine cleaner. It is of such great quality for an amazing amount. I will surely recommend this site to everyone.
| 12/28/2017 5:42 AM
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Perfect Products Available
My product was much needed for me. Was searching for that from a long time and finally found one. Thank you PartsIPS.
| 12/28/2017 5:44 AM
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Bought a couple of products
I am a happy buyer from PartsIPS. And recently I purchased couple of washing machine cleaners from them. I will give the 5 stars for all the products. I have no complain about the products and their service. Amazing!
| 12/28/2017 5:46 AM
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