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Hot Surface Gas Furnace Ignitor - Part# 41-409

Hot Surface Furnace Ignitor 4 1/2" Lead Length The Robertshaw 41-400 Series Norton Hot Surface
Manufacturer: Generic
Fits in Models: N.A

In Stock - Qty Available: 63
Hot Surface Furnace Ignitor 4 1/2" Lead Length The Robertshaw 41-400 Series Norton Hot Surface Ignitors deliver dependable ignition in heating systems of every description. From furnaces and boilers to rooftop heaters, infrared burners, unit heaters, water heaters and many other types of HVAC equipment. The 41-400 Series Hot Surface Ignitors are made of high-purity recrystallized silicon carbide (Crystarâ„¢) which combines physical and thermal strength with stable electrical properties. The 41-400 Series are designed to reach ignition temperature(s) within 17 seconds. They have 18-gauge nickel chrome lead wires embedded and metalized in place for maximum holding strength and electrical conductivity. The lead wires are also enclosed with a special high-temperature fiberglass insulation providing total electrical protection. NOTE: All 41-400 series ignitors are 120 VAC models. Some hot surface modules are rated for 208/240 volts input, however they step the voltage to ignitor down to 120 VAC. Replaces: BARNETT BRASS 661927 Exact CARRIER LH33ZS001A Exact CARRIER LH33ZS002 Functional CARRIER LH33ZS003 Functional CARRIER LH33ZS004 Functional DUCANE HEATING CORP. 20015201 Functional EATON FI-409 Functional JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L37-816 Exact JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L37-816 Functional NORTON 271 Functional NORTON MB457555 Exact RHEEM 90434300 Functional SNYDER GENERAL 1380672 Functional SNYDER GENERAL 1380680 Exact STARLITE 11120-100-1409 Functional SUPCO SIG-409 Functional UNI-LINE 63474 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345. UNKNOWN 25N42 Functional UNKNOWN 25N42 Exact UNKNOWN 25N4201 Functional UNKNOWN 99911680 Functional W.W. GRAINGER 1TGF4 Exact WEIL MCLAIN 511-330-139 Exact WHITE-RODGERS 767A-370 Functional
Customer Reviews


PartsIPS -Appliance Parts and Supplies Sep, 14 2022

Absolutely wonderful parts
The parts are really amazing. Absolutely wonderful. High-quality parts. Very quick shipping. Perfect part fits well. Will always buy my part from here. Highly recommended website.


PartsIPS -Appliance Parts and Supplies Oct, 10 2022

Flexible website- PartsIPS!
Very easy to use website. Smooth and fast shipping that to a hassle-free one. No need to worry once the order is placed. I am a happy user. Thank you so much PartsIPS.


PartsIPS -Appliance Parts and Supplies Oct, 16 2022

Same parts as shown
I received just the same gas valve part as it is shown on their website image. It is exactly the same part. Facing no problems at all. Thanks a lot, PartsIPS.


PartsIPS -Appliance Parts and Supplies Oct, 17 2022

Easy process and no problems
PartsIPS is extremely reliable. They have best quality products. All the parts are accurate. Parts well described on their website. Go for it!


PartsIPS -Appliance Parts and Supplies Oct, 18 2021

Excellent Fully satisfied.
I am satisfied with the service and products offered by partsIps. I have ordered two Vulcan heart blower motors. It is working in good condition. I will recommend this to everyone.

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