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samsung dishwasher troubleshooting

Samsung manufactures a wide variety of dishwashers. No need of watching streaky and dirty dishes just because of Samsung dishwasher problems. If you are looking to fix problems, look no further! Our Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting guide will explain you common issues and solving tips. Whether your dishwasher doesn't start, not taking water, no heat, or error codes, PartsIPS is here to bring the sparkle back to your dishes by helping you through your Samsung dishwasher repair.

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Samsung Dishwasher Problems Troubleshooting

Fix your Samsung dishwasher issues with the help of this guide.

Dishwasher doesn't start or fill with water

Power failure.

Sometimes power issues can stop your dishwasher from starting. If you pressed the power button and your machine's power won't come on, then the problem with incoming power. In this time, you have to assess the following issues.

  • Make sure the dishwasher is plugged in properly.
  • Confirm that the machine's power switch is turned on.
  • After that, check for tripped circuit breakers, if required, reset them.

Samsung dishwasher door is not latched

The dishwasher's door should be latched to prevent leaks. To start the machine, make sure its door will be fully closed and the latch is enabled. A broken door latch also caused for unit not to start. You can test with a multimeter that shows a lack of continuity if the latch has malfunctioned. You need to replace the latch when you found that has malfunctioned.

Problem with dishwasher cycle settings

Samsung dishwasher cycle setting problems could be responsible for not starting. So, we have a look at these settings once.

  • You should select a cycle before pressing the machine's start button.
  • Check for a delayed start or child lock. If you select either delayed start or child lock, then your dishwasher won't start. So, you should not enable these options when you want to start.
  • Now, assess any error codes that will be displayed.
  • Damaged or wet touchpad - If it is wet, wiped to dry with a cloth. You have to replace the touchpad when it got damaged. If the touchpad is damaged, multiple buttons can't respond when you press them.

Faulty Dishwasher Parts

If any of the parts got damaged, then the dishwasher won't start.

  • Faulty thermal fuse - If your dishwasher is overheating, the thermal fuse will blow to cut off power to the unit. Sometimes fuse will blow if it is faulty. Test with a multimeter to check for fuse shows discontinuity. If there is no continuation, it needs to be replaced.
  • Check the control board as it processes dishwasher commands. If it malfunctions, your unit won't start. You have to consult a technician to replace the board if needed.
  • Inspect the time. The timer works with the control board that provides power to the right machine functions at the right times. A damaged timer will not provide the power to start the unit and should replace it.

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No Water

  • Turn ON the dishwasher and start the normal run cycle.
  • After five minutes, stop it by pulling the release handle. Now, the safety switch will stop the heating process automatically.
  • Check the bottom pan or basin of the machine and assess the dishes for moisture. If the basin has one inch of standing water and dishes have a moderate amount of condensation, then consider that the water inlet valve works properly.
  • If the dishwasher is dry, turn off the water supply and pull the access panel off the front bottom of the machine by removing screws that hold the panel.
  • Now, loosen the compression coupler which is placed on the copper pipe that connects to the inlet valve. You can use a wrench for loosening the compression valve.
  • Place a container under the copper line and slowly turn on the shut off valve. If water comes from the water line into the container, means your water line works properly and the dishwasher inlet valve is defective. If water doesn't come out of the line, the problem with shut off valve. So, replace Samsung dishwasher shut off valve.

No Heat

  • To troubleshoot this problem, first, you need to turn off the control breaker of the Samsung dishwasher.
  • Next, remove the access panel in the machine's front by removing screws. After removing the panel, find out the terminal wires for the heating element. You can locate them at the element in the unit's bottom pan. See where the heating element ends go through into the pan bottom.
  • Once you located terminal wires, disconnect the wire connectors from the terminal by pulling on the connectors.
  • Now, test with a multimeter. Touch the leads on the multimeter against wire terminals on each end of the heating element. If the multimeter shows off zero, then consider that element is working properly and the problem is with internal circuitry. When the multimeter shows other than zero, the heating element is defective.

Samsung Dishwasher Displaying Error Codes

Clogged filter error (1E, IE) - This means water is not making through the filter. So, clean the filter which is placed at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Pump operation error (3C) - To resolve this, turn off the unit and run the cycle again.

High-temperature water supply error (3E) - Indicates the water is too hot. Check for the hot water supply not set above 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water supply error (4C, 4E) - Indicates the machine is not getting water at the required temperature or pressure. Hence, you need to verify that the water temperature and pressure meet the water supply needs. Make sure that the water supply is turned on and don’t use not compatible food-safe hoses.

Drain error (5C, SC, 5E, SE) - Check drain connection of the Samsung dishwasher at the sink and drain hose. Make flow water in the sink. Clean the filter, drain, and sump in the tub if required.

You can check your company’s Samsung dishwasher DW80M2020US troubleshooting manual for more error codes fixes.


If you are unable to fix Samsung dishwasher issues with this troubleshooting guide, refer to your owner’s Samsung dishwasher DW80J7550UG troubleshooting manual. Otherwise, contact an authorized appliance repair person. However, bookmark our website for more appliances troubleshooting guides and to buy appliance parts when you need it.

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