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Top 4 Williams Furnaces Parts - PartsIPS

For more than 100 years, Williams has designed and produced quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products for both homes and businesses.

With the quality of the products, Williams got more reputation. Williams Furnace is a major manufacturer of air handlers and fan coils. It supplies various fan coil sizes in the United States than any other HVAC manufacturer.

Here, in this blog, we have updated the information on some of the Williams Replacement Parts like Thermocouple, Vent Limit Switch, Gas Valve, and Pilot Assembly.

Williams Furnace Company Parts:

 a) Williams-furnace-thermocouple-with-safety-switch-part-p322391

williams furnace thermocouple with saftey switch part p322391

1. Product Description:

P322391 Thermocouple is designed to provide high output for impressive performance. This part replaces P321828 Thermocouple.

2. Product Specifications:

Part Name: Williams Furnace P322391 Thermocouple

Manufacturer: Williams

Part Number: P322391

Part Type: Thermocouple

3. Thermocouple:

A Thermocouple is a sensor that is used to measure the temperature of a system. It consists of two wires made from different metals and these are welded together at one end, that’s called junction.

The temperature of the system is measured at this junction.

When the temperature changes experienced at the junction, a voltage is created. This voltage can then be interpreted via thermocouple reference tables to calculate the temperature.

Thermocouples are used in various industrial, residential applications. We can found these thermocouples almost in all appliances.

For temperature measurement, a Thermocouple consists of various sensor types for consumers to choose from. So, you have to first understand all types of thermocouples and then consider them based on the application needs.

In this blog, we have mentioned some temperature and environment based factors which you have to see before buying a Thermocouple.

4. How to Select a Suitable Thermocouple?

1.You have to choose the type K Thermocouple for the widest temperature range.

2.Select the N-type Thermocouple for stability in high temperatures.

3.Choose T type Thermocouple for low-temperature usage.

4.Better to choose an ungrounded thermocouple to use in a safe environment as it offers faster response time with no chemicals or abrasions.

Coming to brands, Williams Furnace is the best one to buy Thermocouple.

b) Williams-furnace-pilot-assembly-part-p322398

williams furnace pilot assembly part p322398

1. Product Description:

P322398 Pilot Assembly is used with Williams Gravity Direct Vent Wall Furnaces. It can be replaced with 30,000, 22,000 and 14,000 BTU natural gas models.

Natural Gas Model numbers include 2003822, 1403822, and 3003822 and can be used with all altitude options.

2. Product Specifications:

Part Name: Williams Furnace P322398 Pilot Assembly

Part Number: P322398

Manufacturer Name: Williams Furnace

Part Type: Pilot Assembly

3. Pilot Generator:

Thermopiles are mounted in gas applications to detect the presence of a flame for heating equipment safety purposes by shutting off the possible gas flow to a burner.

If the pilot light goes out, the pilot generator cools down and the current stops, closing the gas valve.

4. How to Replace a Pilot Assembly?

  1.  First, shut off the gas before removing the pilot assembly.
  2.  Now, disconnect the thermopile, temperature sensor, and ignitor from the gas valve.
  3.  Next, remove the pilot gas supply using a wrench.
  4.  Then, disconnect the main gas supply with the help of a wrench.
  5.  Remove the screws and nuts which are placed on the burner assembly.
  6.  Disconnect grommet from the front plate using a flat head screwdriver.
  7.  Next, remove the screw which secures the pilot assembly.
  8.  Now, thread the new pilot assembly connections through the front plate.
  9.  Check the top hole on the pilot assembly with the tab on the bracket and screw it in the correct place using a head screwdriver.
  10.  Push the grommet through the front plate to fully seal it.
  11.  Slide the burner assembly back into the burn chamber to reassemble the pilot assembly.
  12.  Tighten the screws on the burner assembly.
  13.  Replace the filter door and make sure to hook the bottom tabs into the burn chamber housing.
  14.  Tighten all screws and nuts on the filter door.
  15.  Connect the pilot gas supply, plug in the thermopile, connect the ignitor
  16.  Make sure to verify the pilot and burner will fire or not.

c) Williams-furnace-gas-valve-part-P295200A

williams furnace gas valve part p295200a

1.Product Description:

P295200A gas valve is responsible for delivering and adjusting the flow of gas pressure to your furnace to keep it lit when running. Gas valves help to ensure safety and security in residential and commercial settings.

2. Product Specifications:

Part Name: Williams Furnace P295200A Gas Valve

Part Number: P295200A

Manufacturer: Williams Furnace

Part Type: Gas Valve

3. Gas Valve:

These are used to control the flow of a gas within a system ensuring that works according to the structure.

Most of the manufacturers producing these gas valves. Williams Furnace is also one of the top manufacturers in producing these gas valves.

4. Gas Valve Replacement Steps

  1. Turn off power to the unit.
  2. Remove wires from the valve.
  3. Shut off gas cock shown on the left and lower left and replace it.
  4. Remove the existing gas valve.
  5. Replace it with a new gas valve with the same terminals as the old one.

d) Williams-furnace-vent-limit-switch-part-p321826

williams furnace vent limit switch part p321826

1. Product Description:

P321826 Vent Limit Switch cut off when the temperature reached 220° F. It is used with Monterey counterflow top vent furnaces. This replacement can be used with 250 and 500 series models.

2. Product Specifications:

Part Name: Williams Furnace P321826 Vent Limit Switch

Part Number: P321826

Manufacturer: Williams Furnace

Part Type: Vent Limit Switch

3. Vent Limit Switch:

Furnaces usually heat the air by moving your home’s air through the heat exchanger. In this process, the blower warms the air until it's pumped back into your vents.

The flow of air also prevents the heat exchanger from reaching high temperatures that cause harm. If anything prevents this flow of air, your furnace can overheat.

To recover the above problem, a vent limit switch is designed. A vent limit switch is a safety system used to prevent overheating. It prevents the heat exchangers from cracking and warping at high temperatures.

Williams offers a wide range of safety tested, cost-efficient heating solutions to fit any home. It supplies both electric and gas furnaces.

Williams Furnace Products including Monterey Home Furnaces, Direct Vent Furnaces, Forsaire Counterflow Furnaces, Vented Room Heaters, Floor Furnaces, and many fan coils.


If your Williams Furnace Equipment is not running with the damage of their parts, then replace them with new parts. PartsIPS is the Best Store to buy all Williams Replacement Parts. We offer high quality and reliable OEM parts.


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