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Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

Whirlpool refrigerator water filter removes chlorine and other components that existed in the water. It works hard to keep your drinking water & ice clean and tasting fresh. In order to keep the filter in the right way, you need to change it once about every six months. This Whirlpool water filter does not last forever. Keep reading this post to know about Whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement easily.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

Whirlpool fridge water filter replacement is a reasonably simple process. It doesn't require any special tools and knowledge. However, you should buy the correct replacement water filter that matches your refrigerator's model.

ssIf you get and try to install the wrong filter which is not matched with your unit's model, it cannot connect up with the waterline of fridge. So, you need to identify the number which is printed on the old Whirlpool water filter and purchase the new item accordingly.

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Locate the Water Filter

First, you should identify the location of the water filter in your refrigerator. However, the location of the filter depends on the specific model. Mostly, it will be located either in the grille at the base of the unit or inside of fridge in the upper right back corner. If you are unable to find it, once refer to your Whirlpool refrigerator's manual.

Things Needed to be Done Before Replacing

When you removing the old water filter, there may be a little water spillage. So, it is better to keep down a waste cloth before removing the filter. If the filter is located inside the unit, you need to remove food or beverages as well if there are any placed.

If you have an ice maker in your refrigerator, you should turn it off while replacing it. As water may spill out if the ice maker makes ice while it is being replaced, you have to switch off the ice maker.

In some old models, you will have to shut off the water supply to the fridge before replacing water filter for Whirlpool refrigerator to avoid water spillage.

However, most of the refrigerators require manual stopping of the water supply as it will turn off automatically when you remove the filter.

While Whirlpool water filter replacement, you no need to go through the electrical components. So, it's not necessary to disconnect the power to the unit.

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Remove Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

If your water filter is placed in the grille of the refrigerator, you must be able to press firmly on the button which is located to the left of the filter. By pressing this button, you should release the old filter from your refrigerator. If your fridge model doesn't have a button to push, then make the filter a quarter-turn counterclockwise to release it. For some models, you may need to push in on the refrigerator filter while turning it to release the old one.

If you have a filter inside of the refrigerator, it has a cover over it. There are two methods to remove and change Whirlpool water filter. One is release the tab to pull the filter cover down and lift the cover. Another one is to push on the filter cover to access it. Once you have accessed the water filter in your refrigerator, you have to push it in and turn counterclockwise. Now, it should release the water filter from your unit.

Once the filter is released you will be able to pull the old one out of the unit. If you have any trouble while removing the filter, you can try pressing firmly on the release button as that button sometimes stick and apply more pressure to turn the water filter.

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Whirlpool Fridge Water Filter Replacement

Most water filters located in the grille come with a color-keyed cap. You should unscrew that cap from your old one and screwed it on to the new filter. Make sure you set it properly before proceeding. You have to replace the old one, by sliding the new filter into its slot.

Depends on the model, you have to turn the water filter clockwise or simply push it straight in until you hear a click sound and locks it into place. Ensure to install the new one facing the same as previous. If the filter has arrow marks, you should line them up while installing it. Be sure that the filter is locked in the correct place and close the cover if it has.

Flush Out the System

Once you have done the Whirlpool refrigerator filter replacement, run water through the system to clean it out and remove any carbon fines. The company recommends four gallons of water go through the refrigerator system after filter replacement.

After completion of flushed the system out, you can use your refrigerator. If you turned off the water supply before installing the new filter, make sure remember to turn it back on.

Final Words

Changing the filter every 6 months should prevent bad tastes and decrease the water pressure. However, how often to change water filter Whirlpool refrigerator also depends on how frequently you are using it and the rate of flow. Regular usage and faster flow rates require more frequent changes. I hope, this post on Whirlpool filter replacement helped you more. For further assistance, you can refer to the manual.

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