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Robertshaw AUTO PILOT RELIGHT KIT - Part# 785-001

Robertshaw AUTO PILOT RELIGHT KIT 785-001 24/120V €“ includes ignitor assembly and mounting brac
Manufacturer: ROB
Fits in Models
Robertshaw AUTO PILOT RELIGHT KIT 785-001 24/120V
€“ includes ignitor assembly and mounting bracket. The Robertshaw 785 Series Automatic Pilot Relight Kits are designed for use on rooftop heating equipment, water heaters, boilers, space heaters, unit heaters, dryers, and other commercial, industrial, and residential appliances where the problem of pilot outage may occur. It should only be applied to those systems which already incorporate the necessary pilot-safety control system. Cross-Reference Camstat: PR-24-00, PR-24-36W, PR-120-00, PR-120-36W, SIG-24-00 Carrier / BDP: 534-1, 990-195, LH33WZ059, LH33WZ502, LH33WZ510, P771-1015, P771-1016 ITT-GENERAL: AM10A303A LENNOX: 75F2601 MARS: 41001, 41002, 41003 White-Rogers: 5059-21, 5059-22, 5059-23, 5059-24, 5059-25, 5059-28, 5059-29, 5059-32, 5059-33, 5059-34, 5059-36, 5059-37, 5059-39, 5059-40, 5059-41, 5059-101, 5059-122, 5059-134, 5059A-21, 5059A-22, 5059A-500, 5059A-501, 5059A-600
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