Meet A Huge Collection of Baskt-Ware Parts From Whirlpool


The silverware basket is more enhanced and has the ability in storing 12 more pieces of silverware. It is versatile and it can be placed in multiple positions. You can change your basket anytime. The reason behind changing your dishwasher silverware basket is when the lids are broken off, the bottom is worn out or if you find any extra large holes in your basket. It is designed in such a way so that you can clean it properly. It can be fitted in several positions in the lower rack. You will get 100% lower rack space.

The handle is more robust and it has two stages opening. This two stages opening lets you to unload your basket without just touching the part you eat with. Moreover, the silverware basket assembly allows your utensils to stay at one place during the wash. PartsIPS has a wide range of BASKT-WARE Parts and you favourite Appliance Parts. Shop for your most needed silverware basket now.

Whirlpool 3370993RB Baskt-Ware Part

 Whirlpool 3370993RB Baskt Ware Part


Product Description-

The Whirlpool 3370993RB helps in keeping the small items from getting slipped through the dishwasher rack. This part with part number 3370993RB is excellent for the jar lids, baby items like the baby spoons, corn-on-the-cob holders, and small utensils.

The Whirlpool 3370993RB has the ability for extending the life of the dishwasher. It has a sturdy plastic construction. This part measures 9 inches X 2.5 inches.

Product Specification-

Product Name-Whirlpool Dishwasher Small Items Basket

Part Number- 3370993RB

Package Dimensions- 9.6 x 3.7 x 2.7 inches

Whirlpool WP8531233 Baskt-Ware Part

 Whirlpool WP8531233 Baskt Ware Part


Product Description-

The Whirlpool WP8531233 part measures about 5 inches wide by 9 inches high by inches deep. This part with part number WP8531233 replaces 8531233, PS11746119, WP8531233VP, B00LHR20E4, B00IMO5GNC.

You can replace your silverware basket with the Whirlpool WP8531233 if it gets damaged or if it goes missing. For replacing this part WP8531233, just remove the existing basket and replace it with the new one. This part works with the following brands like KitchenAid and Whirlpool. This part works with the dishwasher and it fixes the symptoms like leaking and when your dishwasher is not cleaning dishes properly.

Product Specification-

Product Name- Whirlpool Silverware Basket

Part Number- WP8531233

Product Dimensions- 20.9 X 10.5 X 4.2 inches

WP8269307 Whirlpool Baskt-Ware Part

 WP8269307 Whirlpool Baskt Ware Part

Product Description-

This part of part number WP8269307 works with many Whirlpool dishwashers. It replaces part numbers like 8269307, 904133, AP3129623, PS393170, WHI8269307. It includes the handle situated in the centre and covers on each end. It measures about 20 inches wide by 10 inches high by 2 inches deep.

This part fixes the problem like if there is any door latch failure. It is situated on the door of the dishwasher. This part WP8269307 holds the utensils such as the knives and forks in its place during the washing cycle.

Product Specification-

Product Name- Whirlpool Silverware Basket Assembly

Part Number- WP8269307
Colour- Silver

WP8562043 Whirlpool Baskt-Ware Part

 WP8562043 Whirlpool Baskt Ware Part

Product Description-

For replacing this part WP8562043, you have to remove the existing basket from the locking tab and fit the new one in its place. This part is a manufacturer-approved replacement silverware basket for your dishwasher. For keeping the basket safe and in a good condition, be careful when you are placing the utensils in the basket while removing it for unloading.

This part WP8562043 works with the brands like KitchenAid and works with the product like the dishwasher. It fixes the symptoms like leaking and when your dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly. This part replaces part numbers like 8562043, WP8562043VP.

Product Specification-

Product Name- Whirlpool Silverware Basket for Dishwasher

Part Number- WP8562043

Product Dimensions- 19 X 4 X 6 inches

WP8562045 Whirlpool Baskt-Ware Part

 WP8562045 Whirlpool Baskt Ware Part

Product Description-

This part of part number WP8562045 works with brands like Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and Amana dishwashers. It works with the following models like Maytag MDB4630AWB1, Maytag MDB4630AWS1, Maytag MDB4630AWW1, Maytag MDB4709AWW, Maytag MDBTT53AWB1, Maytag MDBTT53AWW1, Maytag MDC4809AWW. This part replaces part numbers 8562045, PS11746483, B003DPW8WW. This is used for washing flatware or silverware in your dishwasher.

Product Specification-

Product Name- Whirlpool BASKT-WARE

Part Number- WP8562045

Colour- Gray

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6/27/2018 7:10 AM
Well you don't ship parts or call people back. It's sad because you don't know how business is done. Customer service is still king. Lost my business forever and I will let everyplace and everyone I know about what a terrible scam this company is.
8/22/2018 5:15 AM
Why do you not answer your telephone and authorize a return?  I have emailed also and just get a computer generated reply that does not answer my question.  I will never do business with you again.  
9/18/2018 8:33 AM
Credit card charged o back-ordered part that has not shipped nor been located in the warehouse. Check the business address for this company: the Radisson Hotel...
9/20/2018 9:38 AM
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1/21/2019 3:35 PM
Well, I have to say that I read through the reviews and was not really sure what to expect. Before I read the reviews though, I had already called the 315 number to see if this was a place I could pick up from since it seemed they might not be not terribly far from me. When I call and Indian sounding fellow answered the line and was willing to look up to see it the parts to the Kenmore refrigerator were "in stock." He was helpful enough, looking up each item and confirmed they were "available," He also let me know they had several warehouses and that I would not be able to pick up an order.
So this is when I read the reviews...
I sat there with my finger on the check-out button for a while...
Then I said to myself, "Self, remember the days when everything used to be 4-6 weeks for delivery?"
And since it seemed most of the issues folks had were with timeliness and customer service, and that the Better Business Bureau seemed to have success litigating any issues, I went ahead and click the button.
Expecting to get the order sometime min February I told my wife that we were getting our part in 4 to 6 weeks. I placed the order January 10th.
Last Monday (Jan. 14th) I got an email with a UPS link letting me know that the order was shipped out January 11th and the link showed that it was out for delivery!
I was at work when the package arrived and my wife installed most of the replacement shelves leaving the more difficult ones for me. Everything was perfect. and the price was less than half of Amazon or Ebay. Shipping was about $31.
I felt compelled to write a review to at least let folks know that perhaps you should call and check what is "available" or "in stock" and you may know what to expect.
3/6/2019 12:10 PM
Your company is a scam! Never buy from these people. They are intentionally unethical. They will not issue a return authorization number! They just email and talk around it, never providing a path for us to return an unused item.
5/3/2019 1:57 PM
Received my order and it’s broken. I’ve called and they said send an email and I will get a response by the end of the day. I've sent the email with pictures of the parts that are broken.  now going on a week I’ve called every day and they tell me to send an email and they’ll respond by the end of the day. I’ve called them every day and get the same response. Terrible customer service. Won’t refund me or even talk to me about. They just say well your email has been filed and you’ll hear something at the end of the day. Some song and dance. This company is terrible and I will never do business with them again and I will make sure everyone I know never comes to this site for parts. This is ridiculous  

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