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Amana HOLDER - Part# R9800384

HOLDER - Part# R9800384
Manufacturer: Amana
Fits in Models
ACO1840AB (BOM: PACO1840AB0) , ACO1840AB (BOM: PACO1840AB1) , ACO1840AC (BOM: PACO1840AC0) , ACO1840AC (BOM: PACO1840AC1) , ACO1840AW (BOM: PACO1840AW0) , ACO1840AW (BOM: PACO1840AW1) , ACO1860AB (BOM: PACO1860AB0) , ACO1860AB (BOM: PACO1860AB1) , ACO1860AC (BOM: PACO1860AC0) , ACO1860AC (BOM: PACO1860AC1) , ACO1860AS (BOM: PACO1860AS0) , ACO1860AS (BOM: PACO1860AS1) , ACO1860AW (BOM: PACO1860AW0) , ACO1860AW (BOM: PACO1860AW1) , JMV8196AAB , JMV8196AAQ , JMV8196AAS , JMV8196AAW , MMV4184AAB , MMV4184AAQ , MMV4184AAW , MMV5186AAB , MMV5186AAQ , MMV5186AAS , MMV5186AAW , MVH240E (BOM: P1319503M) , MVH240L (BOM: P1319505M) , MVH240W (BOM: P1319504M) , MVH250C (BOM: P1323212M) , MVH250C (BOM: P1323218M) , MVH250E (BOM: P1323203M) , MVH250E (BOM: P1323216M) , MVH250L (BOM: P1323205M) , MVH250W (BOM: P1323204M) , MVH250W (BOM: P1323217M) , MVH340E (BOM: P1319506M) , MVH340L (BOM: P1319508M) , MVH340W (BOM: P1319507M) , MVH350C (BOM: P1323213M) , MVH350C (BOM: P1323221M) , MVH350E (BOM: P1323206M) , MVH350E (BOM: P1323219M) , MVH350L (BOM: P1323208M) , MVH350SS (BOM: P1323209M) , MVH350SS (BOM: P1323222M) , MVH350W (BOM: P1323207M) , MVH350W (BOM: P1323220M) ,
Existing reviews
very easy to install
These are very easy to install, I've been purchasing these for several years and the best value for the price, cheaper than any where else locally
| 2/13/2023 9:35 PM
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amana holder
If anyone want to buy amana holder you can buy it from here you can easily install and use it. Its a good product.
| 2/13/2023 9:42 PM
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